/ Rockfax North Wales Slate

ian Ll-J - on 31 May 2017
Anyone seen it? Is it any good? How does it compare to the Ground Up Slate Guide?
Big Lee - on 31 May 2017
In reply to ian Ll-J:

I can only comment on the Ground Up slate guide which is a thing of beauty. Not sure how the RF guide compares given it's not a definitive. For me one of the best things about slate is the setting. I really like exploring the slate quarries and finding random corners, so not having the definitive would seem a shame to me.

The new slate additions to the Rockfax app are exactly that - additions to the app. It is not a printed guide and in no way tries to emulate a printed guide. It contains pretty comprehensive listing for all the crags covered and includes a number of routes that have been put up since the last printed guide.

More info here - https://www.rockfax.com/news/2017/05/30/north-wales-slate-app-update/

ian Ll-J - on 31 May 2017
In reply to Alan James - UKC and UKH:

Ah, so no book just an App. Happy that some recent additions have made it in including the new routes in Twll Mawr.

Is it possible to get the correct spelling for Tân y Ddraig (7a) it appears as 'Tan y Draig' on the RockFax databases which bears no resemblance to the Welsh language which may upset any Welsh fire breathing dragons ;-)
ian Ll-J - on 02 Jun 2017

Thanks for fixing this