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KeithAlexander - on 05 Jun 2017
Anyone know what the latest on parking for Dunira is? When I drove past recently, I thought here (on the south side of the road, near the east entrance to the Dunira estate) https://www.google.com/maps/@56.3827017,-4.0416308,3a,75y,291.74h,93.18t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1srOQ5SNR...
looked like an OK place to stow a car without upsetting anyone?

I saw someone in an old thread recommending walking over the hill from the Glen Lednock side - how long does that take roughly?
yodadave on 05 Jun 2017
In reply to KeithAlexander:

Pretty sure the scottish sport guide has a parking recommendation similar to the pulloff you linked. I think a walk in from Lednock would be a bit unnecessary.

I'd love to join if you want company. I'm just up by Killin, but haven't tried Dunira yet, been too distracted by Weem but now lacking a sport partner.

I'll check the guide later to confirm parking
yodadave on 05 Jun 2017
In reply to KeithAlexander:

two roads off the A85, both signposted as dunira. take either one. they meet at a crossroads, from there about 200m past the last house there is a wide entrance on the left, cutting uphill. park without obstructing the entrance.

from the parking, head east. dogs should be leashed. by pass the whitehouse to the north. continue for 600m then turn left. heading NW, follow a stream. a right fork will take you across the stream by a woden bridge. then a left fork to follow the stream. cross the stream again at the end of the track and bracken bash for 150m to the crag

paraphrased from the guide which also has a nice map.
Heike - on 06 Jun 2017
In reply to yodadave:

If you park there you might be confronted by somebody on the estate...they are not keen on you parking there anymore or anywhere as a matter of fact! Last time we went, my husband dropped me and son of at the track and then he drove round and walked over the top from Glen Lednock and that's the way we went back. It's not too bad.
Scotch Bingington - on 06 Jun 2017
In reply to yodadave:

> .... paraphrased from the guide which also has a nice map.

Don't think it mentions the gazzillions of ticks you pick up on the way. Or maybe we were just unlucky....
yodadave on 06 Jun 2017
In reply to Heike:

Thanks for the warning. Shame things have deteriorated since the guidebook was published. Its not even that long ago.
Were the routes worth it?
Heike - on 06 Jun 2017
In reply to yodadave:
Yes, it's worth it. Nice wee crag.
Alternatively you could park somewhere on the main road and use bikes up to where you leave the track. I had thought about that before, but haven't actually done it..
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yodadave on 14 Jun 2017
In reply to Heike:

headed up last week,

nice crag, we went for a long walk from the road. Bracken was huge and I got ticked. Wind died and so we got midged a bit too. Routes were good and seemed to improve in quality as the grade went up. May go back in winter time.

A couple of grumpy looks from people as we walked in and one unfriendly dog but other than that no hassles and we passed quite a few people. We may have even gotten the odd smile!