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RyanL - on 07 Jun 2017

Hi everyone,

I am preparing for an MIA (Mountain Instructors Award) assessment and am offering free tuition in multi-pitch rock climbing in North Wales. If you would like to learn multi-pitch climbing skills, please get in touch. My email is ryanlang2008@hotmail.com.

If you'd like to take up this opportunity please email me giving a rough outline of your previous experience and what you'd like to learn, as well as a contact number so we can have a chat and we'll go from there.

I am available from 5pm weekdays till mid-July.

Please note:

- As an MIA trainee I do not, as yet, hold the Mountain Instructor Award which is the recognised qualification for the instruction of scrambling and multi-pitch rock climbing in the UK. I've undergone the training course, but training for an award does not constitute a qualification.

- I do not hold insurance that allows me to receive payment or benefits in kind for instruction, but as a volunteer with membership of a mountaineering council of the UK or Eire I am insured for third part liability. These topics will need to be discussed in detail and agreed before an activity is conducted.


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Ade in Sheffield - on 13 Jun 2017
In reply to RyanL:

Profile please-a realistic one.
I would be happy to climb with an aspirant, but would want to know I'm in safe hands....
L Ryanfuego - on 14 Jun 2017
In reply to RyanL:

I wish you a good luck man in taking MIA, but with other stuff I cant help you unfortunately((

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