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Geras on 13 Jun 2017

I am undertaking my first independent Alpine Climb this summer and have the Objective to Climb Mont Blanc via the Gouter route. I have the Hut booked, undertaken training with ISM, and have been plodding the local hills (as well as those in Scotland and N Wales) as preparation.

I am one of three siblings who have had Cancer, none of which are genetically linked nor linked to smoking (non smoker). It's just the luck of the draw, but between 1 in 3, and 1 in 2 of us will be on the wrong side of that draw at some point in our lives.

I was 53 when I was diagnosed with bowl cancer, a 9 cm stage 3 lession in my lower bowl. As a climber this diagnosis scared the Sh** out of me, as I thougt I would never climb again. However, after Surgery, Chemotherapy, and Radiation therapy I have now been in remission for 4 years, and am back climbing. Although I still have issues that need to be managed e.g: lack of stamina, poor food absorbtion, frequent and urgent need for the loo etc; I am getting back to normal.

However as I recovered my kid sister, Susan was diagnosed with stomach Cancer; Unfortunately treatment did not go so well for Sue and she suffered badly in reaction to the Chemo and succumbed to Pneumonia.

At about the same time that I fell ill Climbers against Cancer was set up by John Ellinson. John was an inpiration and showed what can be done, if we take up the challange. Well I'd like to do more than buy the odd t-shirt, so in part I am doing this to raise funds for CAC. However it does not stop there. There are two further charities that i'd like to support:

For both Susan and I, Macmillan played a big role in supporting and helping both of us through some of the darkest of days. Hence I shall be raising funds for them also.

Finally, but not least : Surgery is still by far the most effective intervention for Hard cancers, but not all cancers or cancer stages can be treated in this way. Additional targeted drugs are required to really boost efficay; but they are expensive to develop and the commercial market is small (as they are targeted). So without socially funded Research, big pharma will not invest (at least until they can see a particular treatment may have a commercial return).

please could I ask you to visit my Just giving page:


I would be very gratefull for any donation no matter how small to any of my charities or just for some words of encouragement.

Thans for reading.

Geras on 19 Jun 2017
Thought I would just update to say that I completed my training walk of the Yorkshire 3- Peaks in 10 hours 30. A bit slower than I was aiming for, but the day was very hot, after starting a bit misty. A nice surprise was that my Brother decided to join in with me, so the two of us and 8 climbing friends went up and around Pen-Y-Gent, Whernside and Ingelborough finishing in the Golden Lion with a thirst quenching cider. A bit stiff today, and the sun got me in a few places that I had missed with the sun cream, but otherwise feeling good, with no blisters or joint problems. Now starting to move into a cardio phase of training, and doing things i'm not so much a fan of such as running and spinning.


Geras on 09 Jul 2017
In reply to Geras:

I,d like to say thanks to all those who read and or donated. I have now got to the 25% point in my fund raising, with just under 8 weeks to go. Took a break yesterday from Alpine training to do a bit of sport climbing at Portland in the Glorious sunshine. A good day was had by all, with a worked 6c for me and my friend succesfully working all the moves on a 7a. Just got to get the redpoints now.
Greasy Prusiks on 17 Jul 2017
In reply to Geras:

Good luck with it.

Let us know how you get on!
Geras on 18 Jul 2017
In reply to Greasy Prusiks:

Will Do, might even write a piece for UKC!
Geras on 17:30 Sun
In reply to Geras:

Hi just thought I'd drop in an update. On the fundraising side, I am now raised just short of 1 3rd of my target, with around a month to go, thank you all.

On the training front, not been able to do much this week as spent a fair few days bed ridden with IBS. However that's passed now so should be back on it from Monday. Hopefully not lost too much condition in the meantime.


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