/ Is Luke Skywalker currently bird-banned?

Duncan Campbell - on 13 Jun 2017
Hello all,

Been revising ready for some upcoming Pembroke trips and I have always wanted to have a go at Luke Skywalker at Bosherston Head. However, I know in recent years there has been a bird ban on parts of the crag.
On the BMC's RAD (https://www.thebmc.co.uk/modules/RAD/View.aspx?id=999) it says the ban is on the eastern extremity of the crag Star Wars to Deerhunter inclusive.

As Luke Skywalker starts up Star Wars is it banned also? I got the impression the ban was due to nesting birds in a hole near where Star Wars finishes. Which would potentially mean Luke Skywalker would be ok.

Anybody know for sure either way? Don't want to disturb the birds but keen to Luke Skywalker!


Stefan_Morris - on 25 Jun 2017
In reply to Duncan Campbell:
I think Edmund and I had the same dilemma last year, we just left it all till the end of August to be safe. I'm sure Ed can provide you with a long list of equally good E5 6bs with no restrictions..including one he did today!

Linked him to this thread so i'm sure he'll chip in at some point this eve
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Ed morris - on 25 Jun 2017
In reply to Duncan Campbell:

Hi Duncan

It is a good one to 'have a go at'. Iv'e always assumed the ban includes Luke Skywalker. It's a legit excuse to keep putting off the onsight anyway! The No Mans zawn E5's are good unrestricted alternatives, dry and chalked at the moment.