/ Climbing harness for 5 year old

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Lynsety - on 16 Jun 2017
My little girl is enjoying climbing at the wall and have decided it has got to the point where we should consider buying a harness as it is costs 3 pounds each time.

Any people out there have any recommendations of a certain make/model? Plus any going spare? ;p

Bitsofdeadtree - on 16 Jun 2017
In reply to Lynsety:

Sadly none going spare, however I do have to recommend the petzl full body one that comes with the added bonus of being brightly coloured and very easy to figure out how to put on.

I'd stick to full body harnesses with a chest attachment point, as apposed to a waist one, because of the potential for inversion being greater with a less experienced child, plus their hips won't yet have fully formed.

I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old that both get on with it fine
PeterBlackler - on 16 Jun 2017
In reply to Lynsety:

Also see Decathlon - they do good Simond harness for kids

Sam W - on 16 Jun 2017
In reply to Lynsety:

Another recommendation for the Simond kids harness from Decathlon, works great and about the same price brand new as a Petzl one second hand
Lynsety - on 18 Jun 2017
Great, thanks everyone. Think I'll invest in the Simond one!
marsbar - on 19 Jun 2017
In reply to Lynsety:
I usually recommend this one http://www.joe-brown.com/10779/products/dmm-tom-kitten-kids-harness.aspx

But I expect the decathlon one is fine I just haven't used it myself.
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BrendanO - on 21 Jun 2017
In reply to marsbar:

Another thumbs up fir DMMs Tom Kitten. UK made is a wee bonus, but VERY adjustable (daughter's mates, and daughter for another 2-3yrs) so no falling-out worries even if she is a tricky shape. Padded legs, and a gear loop for her chalk or Pom Bears.

Decathlon one looks no bad though, and if you can try her in it in the shop and dangle her...
John Stainforth - on 21 Jun 2017
In reply to Bitsofdeadtree:

Another vote for the Petzl full body harness for children - a very safe design. Two of my children learnt to climb in those. I am not familiar with more recent harnesses that others are mentioning.
VinnyW - on 28 Jun 2017
In reply to Lynsety:

We have been using an EDELRID FRAGGLE for a couple of years now with both our kids and they seem to get on fine with it. They have been using it since age 4/5 and my 7 year old is still using it and it fits ok so plenty of growing room.

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