/ Gear found at Shorn Cliff today

Matt Taylor - on 17 Jun 2017

Collection of gear found at Shorn Cliff today. PM me with details. I'm still in the area tomorrow so if you are too we can probably arrange a handover.
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matthew.n.u - on 24 Jun 2017
In reply to Matt Taylor:
Hi Matt,

I think I left at least a couple of cams last weekend at Shorn Cliff. A BD lightweight size 4, and a purple wild country 2.5. Most of my gear has green and yellow tape, though I didn't get around to taping my new cam.
Is that what you picked up last week?

Many thanks

Matt urquhart

Shorn Cliff
Matt Taylor - on 27 Jun 2017
In reply to matthew.n.u:

Matt, your gear is in the post and will arrive tomorrow . I'm glad you saw my note and are getting your gear back, the power of UKC! Climb on!

Cheers Matthew