/ Pair of ropes, Shelterstone

Finlandia - on 18 Jun 2017
Pair of 60m ropes left hanging from second belay of Needle to ground following accident - if next party climbing you were able to recover them, I'm sure that would be appreciated.
Finlandia - on 18 Jun 2017
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Respect to the professionalism, hard work and good humour of the volunteers of the Braemar and Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Teams.
tripehound - on 19 Jun 2017
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Is the guy ok?
Finlandia - on 19 Jun 2017
In reply to tripehound:

I understand he has a broken pelvis and is ok in hospital. Ropes now coiled & dropped, 1 on ground, 1 on ledge a little up I believe.
Andy Hewison - on 20 Jun 2017
In reply to Finlandia: hello all, yes I'm ok, pelvis fractured in 2 places, some internal abdominal bleeding, bruises and swelling but in time I should be fine. I've already thanked all of the teams involved and of course the helicopter crew. Everyone involved was fantastic and I'm eternally grateful for what they did for me. Just transferred from Raigmore hospital (again staff were brilliant) to Edinburgh this afternoon for the journey back to fitness to begin.

CurlyStevo - on 20 Jun 2017
In reply to Andy Hewison:

Sorry to hear that Andy - hope you get a full and quick recovery.
peter.herd - on 23:15 Sun
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Hi Andy, i carried your ropes out the other day. Glad to hear your ok.Ping us an email and we can sort something out peter.herd@icloud.com
Andy Hewison - on 23:46 Sun
In reply to peter.herd: thanks very much Peter, I'll email you now