/ Lost Wallet at the Roaches Upper Tier - 18th June

matthewbpt - on 18 Jun 2017
I accidentally left my brown leather wallet at the bottom of Pedestal Route at Roaches Upper tier today (18th June), if you found it please send me a message. The wallet has my driver's license and banks cards with name Matthew Tompsett, BMC membership card and various other cards, and worst of all my wedding ring in the coin holder, which I took off to do the climb!
buxtoncoffeelover - on 18 Jun 2017
In reply to matthewbpt:

Hi Matthew
I'm not too far away from the Roaches & I could nip out to look for your wallet in the morning if necessary. Please let me know if it's still missing & I will nip out @ 8.30 tomorrow. Nik 07788137462
matthewbpt - on 18 Jun 2017
In reply to buxtoncoffeelover:

So I think someone picked it up. Several people around the crag told me that someone was walking around with a wallet asking if they had lost it. Tried to find him but we never managed to cross paths! I hope he comes on UKC or find my address on my driver's license and posts it to me!
buxtoncoffeelover - on 19 Jun 2017
In reply to matthewbpt:

It would make sense to check ID for address & seek to return it; postie may deliver it in a day or two. Fingers crossed....
Greasy Prusiks on 19 Jun 2017
In reply to matthewbpt:

I'd tell the local police, it may have been handed in there. Good luck.
matthewbpt - on 19 Jun 2017
In reply to matthewbpt:

Thanks for your replies guys. Someone found it, tracked me down through linked in and called my office, so we've been in touch and he's posting it to me. It's nice to be reminded that despite all the negative things filling up our news feeds these days, most people are good, honest people ready to help you out!
Rock to Fakey - on 19 Jun 2017
In reply to matthewbpt:

Someone walking around asking if they have list it is always a good sign...