/ Crowberry Tower rock fall 19.06.17

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SamP88 - on 20 Jun 2017

Crowberry Tower rock fall 19.06.17
Yesterday my friend and I had just climbed Crowberry Tower and on the way down into the gully to scramble up to the summit I started a small rock fall.

Near the top of the Tower is a large and precarious overhanging block above one of the ledges hanging out into the gully. I was scrambling underneath the large block and put my left hand against the rock underneath the block (with my left hand behind me). The very limited force I exerted on the rock was enough to cause pieces of rock with the combined size of a suitcase to fracture. I kept my left hand against the rock which prevented it from collapsing. After shouting below as loud as I could I removed my left hand from the rock. All the fractured rock fell then from the face and hurtled down the gully to the north (making alot of noise in the process).

To our great relief there was no movement from the block, and we quickly made our way out the area. I would strongly advise people not to enter the area as it is surely not long before the large block collapses. I realise I'm not the first to comment on the block, but I am probably the first person to witness stability of the block deteriorate first hand.
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iveitch on 22 Jun 2017
In reply to SamP88:

I climbed Crowberry Tower yesterday (20th June) from the gap between it and the summit and only saw the unstable block after walking under it and looking back. Retracing my steps from the top of the tower I didn't hang about when descending into the gap. The block looks ready to fall at any minute and anyone climbing up from or down into the gap would be in the firing line.
Will try to post a photo.
Jamie B - on 22 Jun 2017
In reply to iveitch:

No sign of your photo yet - would be interested to see what as changed as the whole area of rock has always looked fragile.
iveitch on 10:06 Sat
In reply to Jamie B:

I've uploaded it now into the Scrambling section.
Simon Caldwell - on 13:42 Sat

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