/ Chamonix partner - 30th July - 6th August

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L her_t6 - on 07 Jul 2017

Hi there,

I'm hopefully heading to Chamonix between 30th July and 6th August, should also be around for most of the 7th(flights late at night). I'm from Scotland, 26 male, climbing around E1, enjoy climbing quick yet safe and would be keen to get some partners organised before I finalize my travel arrangements, what gear I might need to bring etc etc. I would be happy to climb with one person the whole time I'm there or multiple people over the week. As for my objectives I'm not bothered, long easy routes are fine with me and also happy to climb things at my limit or second harder pitches. I just want to get out and have a nice time and climb some awesome routes! I'm slowly updating my logbook but if you have any questions just message and I will be happy to answer honestly.

If this is any interest to you drop me a message.


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Gerry Narkowicz - on 07 Jul 2017
In reply to her_t6:

I'll be there, Gerry from Australia. Keen in same objectives but no snow and ice...the Envers, big rock routes..leading E2 in Britain at moment. cheers. I have vehicle..could drive you there from the ferry
L her_t6 - on 08 Jul 2017
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Hi Gerry,

I have sent you a message to discuss.

L her_t6 - on 11 Jul 2017
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