/ Beginner climber - potential partner (ESSEX BASED)

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L Natalie_H - on 11 Jul 2017
Hi, I would like to really get started in indoor and outdoor climbing. I’m based in Essex, so the nearest climbing wall to me is The Lock in Harlow.

I had a few taster sessions with a club last year, but I didn't really feel comfortable in this situation, as I was quite slow I felt like I was taking up other people climbing time. (This is just me and the other members in no way made me feel like this)

I was thinking of doing a refresher class so I can pass the centre safety test and can climb unsupervised, however I was wondering if there was anyone local who either has experience and wouldn't mind helping out a potential partner or maybe another beginner looking for a climbing pal to learn together.

I learn pretty quick and i’m comfortable with belaying (once I have had my skills refreshed). I hill walk solo in Wales, Lakes and Scotland, hoping to get a few more technical scrambles in this year. When the time comes for venturing further a field for some outdoor rock climbs I’m more than happy to share costs, driving, etc.

Or even if anyone has any advice it would be really appreciated.

Thank you
two_tapirs - on 11 Jul 2017
In reply to Natalie_H:

If it's local enough for you, the wall at Basildon Sporting Village (http://www.high-sports.co.uk/climbing-walls/basildon.html) is very friendly and has had plenty of beginners through the doors; the regulars are a very decent, friendly and patient bunch. Tuesday and Wednesday nights are adult beginner nights, Monday and Thursday nights are adult improver nights.

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