/ Regular partner for novice in Taunton/Bridgwater/Bristol area

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L matthanley on 14 Jul 2017
Hi everyone,

I'm new to climbing and looking to do one or two indoor sessions a week, probably at Redpoint in Bristol. I can do most evenings or weekends and can provide transport from Taunton/Bridgwater area if required.

smartydh9 - on 14 Jul 2017
In reply to matthanley:

hey dude im based in churchill, would be supper psyched to get to redpoint a couple of times a week!

im free pretty much every evening after 5.30/6 ish
L matthanley on 17 Jul 2017
In reply to smartydh9:

Cheers smarty, have sent you a message.

Being half way between Exeter and Bristol, if there's anyone further South interested in climbing at the Quay I'd like to hear from you too.
Rock to Fakey - on 19 Jul 2017
In reply to matthanley:
Over ere!
I'm in Wellibobble, but not doing much in the climbing walls at the mo.. Its outdoorsy time of the year.
For the next month u could still fit in an evening climbing slot on the dark side of the cheese, (outdoor climbing on cheddar, it's a dark art) it's probably just as accessible, if u find partners.
If u must go indoors, + sometimes u have to, even in perfect outdoor climbing weather,...
To Exeter Quay is a tiny bit quicker than to Redpoint., from Town of the river Tone.
Exeter Quay has 7 autobelays vs Redpoint which has the GPS scheme = a draw, or a quickdraw. (No!.. u don't need to take yr sat nav to reception.. Guaranteed partner Scheme at Redpoint is Evenings from 6 and part of Saturday check website for times.).
In autumn /winter, i may still be interested in going to the Quay, but my plan is to have moved to Bristol from Octber, or Exeter, but up for lift sharing if i'm still stuck inside Wellington.
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