/ Harlech climbing wall

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rachelpearce01 - on 14 Jul 2017
Any hope for Harlech wall? I know it is a community run wall but have finally had enough of going there to climb wobbly holds. I think it's safer going outside sometimes! Nearly decked out the other day when I was leading and came to a completely loose hand hold by the second bolt, and an uncontrolled fall to the ground from here could cause an injury.

There excuse is that it is a community run service and they do their best, and as th wall is by the sea and its damp it's hard to maintain. But to operate a wall where I would say a third of holds need tightening is out of order. Not to mention them changing routes, without closing that section of wall off. And the dampness of the place making some holds actually feel wet, Ane corroded looking bolts. I go as a last resort and would rather spend the extra fuel to go to the beacon.

I will admit I have wrongly paid for bouldering in the past and have climbed but feel that £6 is not fair if you are putting your limbs at risk! I would happily pay £6 if I felt I was going to climb safe decent routes that are well maintained. They are now suggesting raising prices from £6 which I think is a big mistake as people will just end up going further afield to a better wall for the same price.

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