/ Manchester based Climbing buddies

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Kimmie - on 15 Jul 2017
Hi Climbers

I am looking for 'Manchester based climbers' sometimes with short notice still can make it for a few climbs.

If you are Lancashire based, you can join in my mates around Lancashire or North area as they are out every week! ;)

I can lead VS but want to get better... I can second up to E1 or a bit more depending on the style.

My tendons and muscles are rehabilitating this year, I could do better soon. Also, I would like to do some climbs aboard as well.

My time is fixable during the week and Sunday, the weekend could be in the mid-month.

I would like to meet for indoor climbs to get to know each other climbing patterns first before going any outdoor trad climbs if you don't mind and happy with this way as well.

I am very happy with the group out climbing which is more fun, I can tag along with a group or join different people together.

Sound good to you, please, drop me a message to arrange ;)

Thanks for reading
David55 on 15 Jul 2017
In reply to kimmie:

Come on, give us a clue, what are you on about? Last time I was this confused after reading something I had read James Joyce. Is this posting a cunning social experiment for your PhD?
Kimmie - on 16 Jul 2017
In reply to David55:
I am looking for Local Climbing buddies on UKClimbing webpage,
I would consider that is right way to do so and it is not an offence!!!?

Hi David55

is it a wrong replying?
is it replying for a 'Manchester based Climbing buddies'?
Not happy with someone who are just not familiar to use forum?
Just Abuse??

No worries, I will contact to UKClimbing to check it. is there any problem with my post here!!
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Jaytaylor - on 16 Jul 2017
In reply to kimmie:

Evening amigo.

I think the point David55 was making is that your post doesn't seem to make much sense.
(It is late Saturday night. .. Happens to the best of us ;)

If you are looking to meet up with Manchester based climbers though, with the aim of eventually getting outdoors..
maybe a try a social night at a local wall first? Or a try-out day with a club?

Can get a feel for potential partners before heading out, and nothing beats bonding over a post climb pint.

Best of luck!
Kimmie - on 16 Jul 2017
In reply to Jaytaylor:
Thanks for your explained and tips! Jaytaylor
(I just home after meeting some friends and day off tomorrow for me)

I am a member of climbing club of Lancashire area and we go outdoor climbing quite often, just not really Manchester area.

I am looking for Local climbing buddies for convenient climb as more options.
It have to start somewhere and try any opportunity to building up the network in time.
If there are genuine local climbers whose are welcome for new buddy to join in, the written language barriers would not become an offence, perhaps!

To create a Joyful time with rock climbing and good companies should stay with people mind alike, that is the purpose.

Good weekend
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andyjohnson0 - on 16 Jul 2017
In reply to David55:

> Come on, give us a clue, what are you on about?

The phrasing is slightly awkward in places, but the meaning seems clear to me.
David55 on 16 Jul 2017
In reply to andyjohnson0:

I am Manchester/Lancashire based, coming back into climbing, thus far indoors only, but hoping to get outside before the summer is out. It may be that kimmie and I are made for each other, but on the basis of the postings I have no idea. I am 62, male, somewhat overweight, and presently go to Rockover and the Depot, bouldering as I am billy no mates when it comes to climbing. I live in reasonable proximity to the Wiltons, Anglezarke, Cadshaw etc, and have climbed in them on and off for 40 odd years. I have a car, and more ropes and climbing gear than you can shake a stick at, gathered up over years jointly with my son who is mostly out of the country. Most of my spare time I am a cyclist and mountain biker.
I would have hoped that the original posting would have given me an idea of age, gender, approximate location, and maybe a suggestion as to which wall would be preferred for a meeting. It did not strike me at first reading, but I wonder if English is not the first language of kimmie.
L ELJ on 17 Jul 2017
In reply to David55:

I'm near Angelzarke have not climbed there. Pls text if you are free / want to go for a few hours, the next few days are good, and the weather's good! I've got gear. #07591180411
rickeden - on 18 Jul 2017
In reply to kimmie:

I'm arriving in the UK on the 22nd and I'll be there till the 26th August. I'll have a full trad rack etc plus car. I am based in Hayfield. e-mail me rjeden@yahoo.co.uk

Also got a pad for bouldering too
Kimmie - on 20 Jul 2017
In reply to rickeden:
You stay in Hayfield for a month!
Hayfield is near Peak District!
Are you looking for some climbing in any area?
or Peak District climbing?
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Rog Wilko on 20 Jul 2017
In reply to David55:

Kimmie is a good friend and clubmate of mine and I hope she won't mind my trying to defend her. She was born and brought up in Hong Kong where English was her second language. The nearest I have to a second language is French, and if I were half as fluent in French as Kimmie is in English I would be really pleased with myself.
Just so you know...
Andy Hardy on 20 Jul 2017
In reply to kimmie:

Check out the mynydd CC http://mynydd.org.uk/

We have regular wall meets in the winter if you'd prefer to meet that way or we have outdoor meets in the summer. Email the membership sec. for details
Kimmie - on 21 Jul 2017
In reply to Andy Hardy:

Thanks for your reply.
I am already a member of Lancashire Climbing & Caving Club, we have outdoor climbing meet three times every week.

*** I just looking to meet some climbers whose based in Manchester for local climbs. ***
Kimmie - on 22 Jul 2017
In reply to Rog Wilko:
Ha ha..... Roger, you are here! I just don't know how to use a forum, and I should listen to you to build up my profile with my climbing histories like your profile which is excellent looking. ;)
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In reply to Kimmie:

Hi Kimmie,

I wouldn't worry about your message, as it does make sense.

I'm not Manchester based, however I'm happy to drive over the Woodhead for a climb. I'm hoping to eventually get back outside climbing properly (ongoing injury), so meeting up in The Peak is not an issue.
Kimmie - on 00:56 Mon
In reply to Butterfly with a Bomb:


Thanks for your reply,

I am a member of the climbing club which outdoor climbing three times a week within Lancashire area, which sometimes a bit of traveling. if you are interested in joining us, you are welcome so.
I also a member of the depots Manchester and I go two times a week for practice and meet some climbing buddies too.

building up my Manchester local network for local climbing and gathering is my goal.

I will try to organize some Peak District climb meet with some new buddies, then could let you know

If yourself (or anyone else on here?) are free I can do an indoor climbing session (ie MCC or AW) this Thursday anytime from 17:00 onwards.
Kimmie - on 17:14 Mon
In reply to Butterfly with a Bomb:

I will probably outdoor with my club mates this Thursday.

If you want to go to MCC for indoor climbing, they have ladies night every Thursday evening which there are buddies for you without arrangements.

Also I could climbing indoor with you sometime in the future if MCC or AW ;)
AndyB123 - on 17:32 Mon
In reply to Kimmie:

Hi Kimmie,
(I Think) We've climbed together in N Wales on Tryfan with Brad.
Since Brad moved up to Scotland I've been without a partner for indoors or outdoors. If you fancy meeting up for a session at one of the Manchester climbing walls, get in touch.


rickeden - on 22:43 Mon
In reply to Kimmie:

looking at the lakes and Wales too.
Kimmie - on 23:04 Mon
In reply to AndyB123:

Hi Andy, :P Long time! Tryfan! Yes! I will never forget about that was my first multi-pitches climb in 2011. I was just like a kid following you two and don't even know what route we were going to climb. Can you tell me that what we did, please?

we having a Summer now! I don't want to meet you indoor, outdoor would be good fun! ;)
Kimmie - on 23:12 Mon
In reply to rickeden:

I like Lakes and Wales too, I have been a few weekend camping and climbing trip with my club, yes, it was great

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