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Wildabeast - on 17 Jul 2017
The age old German guide book question....

Am doing five days in Austria based in Linz, upper Austria. We have a car and camping gear and are looking for a good area/areas to get a few days in training for Chamonix later in the month.

The ideal.... a spot within a few hours from Linz. Good bivvy/camping options, a stream for fresh water. Alpine routes near to the camp, ranging PD/D+ 3/4/5. Big rock routes, ridges etc. Do not mind walk-ins...

Have used the German websites/topos for trips before so am used to the translation/decoding practice so any tips on a general area would be excellent!
tjekel - on 09:26 Sat
In reply to Wildabeast:

If there should be some ice available, your next best area is Dachstein ... everything there
Wildabeast - on 12:40 Sat
In reply to tjekel:

Ah yes, that looks great! Thanks for the tip.
tjekel - on 09:48 Sun
In reply to Wildabeast:

Well ... mosrly, you'll use huts there. Suggestions:

Grade 3: Niederer Dachstein, Nordgrat ... + traverse to hoher dachstein (some bits of 4).

Grade 4+ koppenkarstein sw-pillar

Grad 5-, dachstein, steinerweg 20+ pitches

... and stuff for a few more lifetimes.


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