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Euan Todd on 03 Aug 2017
Heading to Pembroke this weekend for the first time (weather permitting), and I'm looking for route/crag recommendations and a bit of logistics advice!

Route-wise, I'm looking for VS-E2ish quality routes in cool positions, any style (Mibbe some E3s for my mate, who has annoying sport-climber fitness).

Other than that, good campsites/bivvy spots/pubs in the area?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


luke glaister - on 03 Aug 2017
In reply to Euan Todd:

Blue Sky (VS 4b)
Riders on the Storm (HVS 5a)
Cool for Cats (E1 5b)
Manzoku (E1 5b)
Deranged (E2 5b)
First Blood (E2 5c)
Space Cadet (E3 5c)
That should keep u busy for a bit. Pub and camp site up the roads. 10 min walk ins or less. Have a cracker.
Luke90 on 03 Aug 2017
In reply to Euan Todd:

At the risk of sounding unhelpful, there are so many amazing locations and routes in Pembroke that it's hard to go wrong! Pick a random number, turn to that page in the guide and you'll see something cool

The campsite in Bosherston is basic but cheap and easy. It's really just a field with a sink and a couple of portaloos. It doesn't seem to be on Google Maps but this is the location: https://goo.gl/maps/gSjfyxiPpZC2
Perfect location for anything you access from the Saint Govan's car park or Broadhaven, which covers an awful lot of climbing. Not bad for Range West either, if you've been to a briefing.
Andy Hemsted - on 03 Aug 2017
In reply to Euan Todd:

My favourites ... Lucky Strike (non-tidal if you traverse in) ... and Rock Idol, Brazen Buttress and Inner Space at Mother Carey's.

Good Luck with the weather...
Luke90 on 03 Aug 2017
In reply to luke glaister:

These three are at Stennis Head which is a really friendly crag to start at. Nice to avoid the complexities of abbing in on your first day.
Euan Todd on 08 Aug 2017
Reply to all:

Thanks for the recommendations everyone, had an absolute blast!. Weather was amazing on Saturday, and the rain held off till around 3pm on Sunday.

Between us, we managed Cool for Cats, Manzuko, Riders on the Storm, The Butcher, The Arrow, Space Cadet, Army Dreamers, Tactician and Deranged. Such a quality weekend!

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