/ Partners in Worcester or nearby?

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drysori - on 06 Aug 2017
I've just moved down to Malvern and don't currently know any climbers locally.

I'm keen to climb sport or trad (up to 7c or E5) in the Wye/Avon or other South West areas. Would also like to grab a couple of days at Nesscliff. If anyone's open to meeting up for a climb in the future drop me a message. I'm free weekends but also some days during the week, and work quite flexibly so can be available on good weather days.

cwarby - on 06 Aug 2017
In reply to drysori:

I live Evesham, but train at Redpoint Worcester. They have a partners group for the wall, but use it for outside as well. I work erratic shifts and get week days off so may give you a shout.
Whatever and whoever you meet, would recommend Brean and Cheddar for your grades. New Quarry avon is not bad and good routes on GO wall wintours, Ban-y-gor or South Wales sandstone e.g Sirrhowy also recommended.
drysori - on 06 Aug 2017
In reply to cwarby:

Cheers. I used to live in south Wales so fairly familiar with the Wye and valleys, done a bit at Brean but nothing in Cheddar. Keen to get a few of the bigger ticks on GO Wall done this autumn.
L Dom Goodwin - on 07 Aug 2017
In reply to drysori:

Hi, I also live in Malvern, and have a fairly good knowledge of the crags in the Malvern Hills as I've been exploring them for a while. The climbing round here is not great (but better than nothing!), and I don't think there's anything above E1, though I have come across some possibilities not in the guidebook. I can climb pretty much any time, but we are worlds apart in terms of standard, so probably not much use!

martinlevya82 - on 09 Aug 2017
In reply to drysori:

Hi, I'm looking to do some climbing, preferably trad, in the Wye Valley this weekend. Don't quite lead 7c or E5 more like HVS or 6b! Can second British 5c. Give me a shout if you're interested zero 752215933four.


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