/ Beginner bouldering at Glen Massan / near Dunoon

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dbdkmezz - on 09 Aug 2017
I'm heading up to Dunoon for a week's holiday, and in the absence of any fellow climbers joining me I'm hoping to try out some of the local bouldering.

After a little research, Glen Massan
Glen Massan
looks like the ideal destination. There's little evidence online of any recent activity out there, does anyone have any recent experience of the area or any other local recommendations?

Indoors I boulder around V2/V3, but have very little experience climbing outdoors and none bouldering so am probably looking for routes a little easier than that.

BrendanO - on 15:08 Wed
In reply to dbdkmezz:

I had a similar "nonclimbing holiday" in Dunoon awhile back, taking shoes just in case. Glen Masson main boulder looked ok in the rain, never tried it, and didn't boulder at all. However, it's a lovely area, and we had good fun checking out places on the Buildings At Risk register nearby (there are quite a few).

It'll be great, take Smidge, watch yer ankles.

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