/ Found - Tarp wrapped around some other gear - Hadrians Wall

wildernesschris on 12 Aug 2017

I found a green tarp wrapped around some other gear (I'm not telling you what - the real owner needs to tell me!)

It was under a stile within a couple of miles of Hadrians Wall. Again you'll need to give me an exact location of the last time you had it.

Tell me the exact date and time you lost it and a very detailed description of the items and i will post it to you.

tmawer - on 12 Aug 2017
In reply to wildernesschris:

Could it be someone was stashing equipment doing the walk along Hadrians wall...bivvy gear etc, to save carrying it?
Jamie B - on 13 Aug 2017
In reply to wildernesschris:

That does sound like a pre-meditated stash.
Tobes on 13 Aug 2017
In reply to wildernesschris:
If the gear had been there a few days BEFORE you found it (which is a possibility), how on earth is time and date relevant!?

Reminds me of a girl i worked with years ago in London. One morning she came in with a bunch of flowers. We didn't think much of it but asked 'nice flowers, where you get them?' She replied 'found them on London Bridge, just lying on the side of the path'.

I'd like to call troll on this but.....
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tmawer - on 13 Aug 2017
In reply to wildernesschris:

You may well already have done so, but if not it may be worth letting the local police know as they may have a record of someone reporting this stuff missing/stolen. I'm not suggesting you stole it, but possibly misguidedly removed it.
wildernesschris on 13 Aug 2017
In reply to Jamie B, Tobes and tmawer:

It definitely was not a premeditated stash.

Theres just no way. I can tell by the type of gear it is that its the sort of thing no would would stash anyway.

Sorry, I should have been more explicit in my description - wasn't expecting all the grief i've got from various websites.

I've been active in the hills, mountains and wilderness for over 20 years so i'm not a newbie.

I know what a stash looks like and it definitely was not a stash.

You lot are probably imagining everything tied up like a nice water proof parcel - not the case, it was not a secure package.

At a guess it looks like someone has folded a tarp up like you would when putting it in your ruck sack and then semi wrapped it around some other gear - but the other gear was exposed on 3 sides, it had something tied very loosely around it and then has fallen behind the step of a stile.

Probably when they stopped to get something out their bag and un packed some items.

There is no way this was stashed, as from one side of the fence, if you were walking from that direction you would probably see it, where as I came from the opposite direction and as soon as I stepped over the stile I started going through my rucksack and dropped something - then saw it.

Its kind of hard to describe - you had to be there. Definitely not a stash though.

If you weren't paying attention you could have missed it, and people could have been doing that, but if you were stashing it you definitely wouldn't leave it there if that makes sense.

Now I'm not giving anything away on items here, but there was about £300 worth of gear there.

I procrastinated for about half an hour as to whether to leave it there or not, I thought well maybe the person might realise in a few hours and come back, or they might be getting in the car and heading home.and the only chance of getting it back is through a website....and the next person might not be as honest as me.

I did not steal it or misguidedly remove it.

Who on earth would just leave £300 worth of gear exposed to the rain, sitting in the mud, nearest pub about 5 miles away, nearest shops about 8-9 miles away.

Honestly, tried to do a kind thing.......

A few months ago I did something similar to what this person has done and lost something in the Cairngorms, guy found it over a week later and returned it to me through a lost and found forum.

if that person had just assumed 'oh the person will come back' id never have got it - I was 10 miles down the trail before I realised, wasn't exactly sure where I had even lost it, would have added 20 miles walk going all the way back.

wildernesschris on 13 Aug 2017
In reply to Tobes:

The time and date is relevant.

I haven't said when i found it have I ?

Could have been last Wednesday i found it? Maybe I only got around to advertising it now due to being in hospital for 3 days.

So if someone knows some of the detail, but not all of it, they could come forward and say this stuff is their's and that they lost it on Friday, but how could it be theirs if I found it Wednesday?

How on earth can you be drawing a comparison between this and someone taking flowers off the side of a bridge?

Flowers vs £300 worth of gear.

My question to you.

If you lost £300 worth of gear, and had no idea when you lost it, and you didn't have time to back track your previous days hike, and had maybe travelled all the way home, then would you not be grateful that someone had made the effort to get it back to you ?

Tobes on 13 Aug 2017
In reply to wildernesschris:

> 2.

> How on earth can you be drawing a comparison between this and someone taking flowers off the side of a bridge?

> Flowers vs £300 worth of gear.

i really need to explain this?

It's not the cost factor it was an example of taking something that was left intentionally. The flowers it appears were left as a mark of respect to an 'incident'. Can't believe I've had to state the bleedin obvious here (seems there are more oblivious people than I'd given credit for though)

This example was given based on the info given in your OP.
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wildernesschris on 13 Aug 2017
In reply to Tobes:


I have tried to do a nice thing here and you have just compared this to something completely different.

I obviously underestimated how many people were going to jump in on this thread and stick a load of pointless comments on.

All i want to do is just get this stuff back to the rightful owner.

At the end of the day

Is it your gear ?


Then it's none of your business.

Dr.S at work - on 13 Aug 2017
In reply to wildernesschris

I was going to post some advice, but having just looked it would have been utter crap!


Has detailed guidance on what to do. FWIW I think you have done a good job by the 'loser' so far.
tmawer - on 13 Aug 2017
In reply to wildernesschris:

Hope you get it back to its owners, as others have said, you did a good thing and in difficult circumstances by the sounds of things.
wildernesschris on 13 Aug 2017
In reply to tmawer:


I will get it back to them eventually - even if it takes months.

I have no intention of keeping the stuff and 'claiming it as my own' if the person doesn't come forward.

I will just keep putting adverts up periodically until someone comes forward.

P.S. In reply to your earlier post regarding the police - will tell them but the police station is closed today !