/ Found at Stanage Edge Rusty Wall area on 15/08/17

L Mairi Drennan - on 16 Aug 2017
Rockfax Eastern Grit guide found on packing up our gear yesterday evening at Rusty Wall area of Stanage Edge (Pop ),Derbyshire. We were climbing Albert's Amble next to 2 guys doing ,I think, Straight Chimney. I also have that guidebook and I found suddenly I had 2 copies(!) of the same guidebook, both fairly new (like mine). If you read this and the guidebook is yours , can you contact me on this forum please, and I can arrange to send it to you or give it to you if you live in Chesterfield/Sheffield area.
Mairi D. Stanage Popularge
idiotproof (Buxton MC) - on 17 Aug 2017
In reply to Mairi Drennan:

Hi. Its one of buxtonmc members. Ill point him in your direction
L Mairi Drennan - on 17 Aug 2017
In reply to idiotproof (Buxton MC):

Great. I live in Chesterfield. Could maybe arrange to meet up halfway sometime to hand over the guidebook. Could your mate just post a brief description of himself and name, and perhaps we could meet up in Outside in Hathersage or something.? I am away until Friday 25th August, but could maybe arrange something for Sat 26th or Sun 27th Aug??
Mairi D
L Christian Clegg - on 20 Aug 2017
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Hi Mairi. Thanks for the post re: my copy of Eastern Grit. I live in Buxton, but I am also away until 26 August. One of my fellow Buxton MC members works in Chesterfield and has kindly offered to retrieve it for me. Hopefully we can organise something when we both get back. Will get back in touch then. Cheers Chris
L Mairi Drennan - on 25 Aug 2017
In reply to Christian Clegg:

Stanage Popular Thanks Christian. I am back in Chesterfield now. If you text me or phone 07854818108 then we can arrange for you to have your guidebook back soon! Mairi D
L Christian Clegg - on 30 Aug 2017
In reply to Mairi Drennan:

Hi Mairi, thanks. I am also back home, but badly sprained my thumb Sunday - falling off my bicycle...So off climbing for a couple of days. Are you heading up to the Stanage area over the next week or so? Maybe we could coincide. My mobile is 07778733574. Chris
L Mairi Drennan - on 11 Sep 2017
In reply to Christian Clegg:

Hi Chris,
You won't believe this, but I am off to Canada on Thursday(14thSept) and not back till 3rd Oct. Maybe your mate in Chesterfield could hook by my house on the way home from work either tomorrow or Wednesday(12th or 13th Sept) ?? I'll give you a ring on your mobile tonight and perhaps we can arrange something. If you could get over here , I can arrange for myself or my husband to be in. Otherwise it'll have to be October , I'm afraid. Mairi.
Dave Perry - on 14 Sep 2017
In reply to Mairi Drennan:

Just post it!!