/ LOST on The Cracks Dinas Mot 19th August

markK6 on 20 Aug 2017
My partner took a nasty fall on The Cracks Dinas Mot yesterday at around 4pm 19 August resulting in a dislocated shoulder and a night on the Obs ward (Thanks Bangor A&E) he fell from just below the p1 belay, I pulled the ropes and he managed to walk out. We left two pieces of gear on the pitch possibly a nut and a cam but maybe a threaded sling with a quickdraw on each, I'll check the gear to confirm when i have the chance. It would be great to get it back if anyone is up that way.

Thanks in advance
markK6 on 20 Aug 2017

Thanks to the two lads who arrived as we were preparing to leave and offered assistance and a walking pole for my mates descent, I hope you got it back from under your car. How did Diagonal go?

The gear left seems to be
red and silver astro QD
One mammut red dyneema sling
Two WC wiregates with a red mammut sling as an extender.
One nut possibly size 5/6
All the metal have blue tape on them.
So no biggie. But they possibly saved his neck so would be nice to have them for nostalgia.

Guy Bennell - on 21 Aug 2017
In reply to markK6:

Hi Mark, yea I went over and got the gear for you. Nice kit we used quite a lot on the weekend ta! I've brought the tapes and quickdraw down so give me an address to send to. Sadly we couldn't recognise your wire in our very muddled and eclectric collection so i've left it up with the lad in Sheffield. I'll ask him to have another look now i know the colour. Glad your mate's alright hope he told them 10 for pain. we backed off diagonal that evening halfway into pitch 2 then went back and knocked it off next day. felt delicate and runout all the way till the top. a bit on the serious side. certainly memorable.
markK6 on 21 Aug 2017
In reply to Guy Bennell:

Guy Thank You for your effort.

Jon was as high as a kite when I was allowed in to see him, he he'd just had a shot of morphine so I guess he went to 11. He also gave the gas and air a good hammering when the doc ( who was a climber) expertly popped his shoulder back in.

You didn't say whether you got your stick back.

Great effort on Diagonal it did look rather precarious.

I'll email you an address soon.

Cheers again.
Guy Bennell - on 09 Sep 2017
In reply to markK6:
hi Mark i hope Jon has recovered from his fall and you're out on the rock again. Your kit is still safe in the shed anytime you want it. We haven't identified your nut but can replace it with one of ours. We keep collecting them and have way more than necessary. I've only managed training days on the sandstone recently but am still hoping for a good final dry spell to get back up the valley. I'm desperate to tick the corner
Guy Bennell - on 11 Sep 2017
In reply to markK6:

I've got a nut 4 down here you can have. The lad's got the full selection up in Sheffield if you fancy waiting for the right one. In the meantime I'll send the slings and QD. Ta G