/ Zermatt /Saas trip

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OlderGuy - on 08 Sep 2017
I'll be in Zermatt / Saas Fee / Saas Grund around 28th Sept for 8 days for some climbing / Hiking and hopefully weather permiting going to try the Matterhorn but if not down to Saas to try some easier routes, even the jegihorn via ferrata, now that the bridge link is up between the 2 peaks. It's a week away to have a bit of an outing if you want to partner up for anything get in touch any age welcomed.
I'm also going to find the Europabruecke," which is supposed to be the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge so thats a hike day.
Blackcountrybill - on 09 Sep 2017
In reply to OlderGuy:

I'm currently living in saas fee and always up climbing mountains. Let's work something out.
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Hi, I've been looking at the latest conditions on the Matterhorn as well as
the Saas Grund glacier collapse problem, so may change destination if
things don't improve.
I'm still on to go, but am waiting until nearer the time, hopefully the
weather holds out.
My main thoughts were Matterhorn then maybe an easy hike over and around
the suspension bridge then maybe down to Saas Grund - Jegihorn / laggihorn
or Weissmies or similar options.

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