/ Font trip 23rd to 30th Sept - One space

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jmalkovic90 - on 11 Sep 2017

We are a group of 7 looking for 1 more to join us on our trip to Font. We are a laid back bunch who enjoy a beer and meals together.

Dates: Saturday 23 September – Saturday 30 September

We plan to travel from Bristol by minivan with boulder mats via the Eurotunnel. We have a villa booked that sleeps 8 people.

Accommodation details here: https://www.holidaylettings.co.uk/rentals/larchant/6796870

Cost for accomodation, minivan and tunnel is £184 plus petrol.

Let us know if you fancy it!
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seankenny - on 11 Sep 2017
In reply to jmalkovic90:

Don't take this the wrong way, but I can never understand people who put posts like this but have a profile with no photograph. If I was going to go on holiday with someone I'd like to know what they looked like. And don't mention, well, grades. Are you going to project Karma or do loads of easy circuits? It matters less at Font than anywhere else, but it still kind of matters.
jmalkovic90 - on 11 Sep 2017
In reply to seankenny:

Fair point. I've not uploaded a picture because this isn't a dating profile. ;)

We're not climbing super hard. Maybe Font 6a at most. If you boulder hard, you can always do your own thing though. I don't think it matters too much since you're not relying on a second.

One thing I forgot to mention is that we're leaving from Bristol.

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