/ Dropped my phone with pics of my little ones in :(

Liz.Morrison - on 11 Sep 2017
Holyhead Mountain summit (summit) Holyhead Mountain
I lost my phone somewhere near Wind, it probably bounced into the bracken, I couldn't find it. Wind (E1 5b)
summo on 12 Sep 2017
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Know anyone with a metal detector?
Rigid Raider - on 12 Sep 2017
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Walk around and ring yourself on another phone?
Tom Last - on 12 Sep 2017
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Will your phone have dropped your images into iCloud?
Paul Evans - on 12 Sep 2017
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Or, if its an Android and you have a google account, to google photos?

duchessofmalfi - on 12 Sep 2017
Return to the scene ASAP with another phone and search while ringing it - I've located several lost mobiles this way. Just hope you didn't have it set to off or silent. If you leave it much longer the battery will go flat.

If it doesn't work immediately a systematic grid search while ringing along the most likely path usually works

For the future (and I know this is of little use now) there are various "find my phone" apps available that will get the GPS location of your phone via text or data connection (which I use 3-4 times a week to find my lost stuff). The text ones are particularly useful for outside as texts seem to find their way even when the reception is really bad. That and enabling backups to the cloud will reduce the pain.

andyjohnson0 - on 12 Sep 2017
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If it's an android device then https://www.google.com/android/find might help. It should show the last know location where the phone had a network connection - although the map isn't particularly detailed. If the phone still has power and connectivity then you can make it ring, lock it, or erase it.

Good luck!
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