/ El Chorro Spain Oct 18- March 30

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travelguy - on 17 Sep 2017
I'll be living in EC and I know the area well. Usually follow up to 6a+ ( I lead much softer than that) and want to get up to 6c or more this season and I frequently belay stronger climbers on harder grades. I have a 60m rope and lots of draws and I'll have a rental car. I'd be happy to go to Torcal and maybe other areas in southern Spain, particularly Chulilla and might want to go to Morocco too.

other climbers can feel free to use this thread to seek partners in EC.

anyone needing info or help about EC, just ask!
PaulC - on 27 Sep 2017
In reply to travelguy:

I'll be looking to climb in pain for a week or so in December. Am on the comeback trail after a shoulder injury but will be leading the 6s by then. Have many years of experience and have climbed at EC and Chulilla before. keep me posted


travelguy - on 28 Sep 2017
hey Paul

send me an email when you have your actual dates set.

I see you do trapeze. I had a school for that and hope to open one in EC.
Where do you fly/have you flown?

I mostly catch.
travelguy - on 15 Oct 2017
More info:
My Spain phone number will be + 34 627 100 581 as of Tuesday Oct 17 in the evening and it works on whatsapp.

I've gotten some PM's here and on other climbing sites asking for beta so here is some info:
-most climbs can be reached by walking in 30 minutes or less from the Olive Branch, add 10-15 more from the Finca. A car is needed only for a few crags
-there are trains directly from Malaga to EC 3 times per day and every hour to Alora which is 6 miles/10 km away. One change of train gets from the airport via Malaga to EC.
-car rentals at Malaga airport are usually very cheap, even less than 1 euro per day sometimes. look at doyouspain, com for rates (that is where I book mine and I am not affiliated with them!)
-nearest supermarket is 6 miles/10 km away
Aboud_kanfoosh - on 09 Nov 2017
In reply to travelguy:

will you be in el chorro during Christmas ?

i am trying to find a partner to climb with from 22nd until 25th, i lead up to 6b+

travelguy - on 11 Nov 2017
In reply to Aboud_kanfoosh:

yup, I should be here then

that is the busiest climber time of year so you will easily find partners, even if I am not free

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