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Bamber85 - on 06 Oct 2017
Looking for climbing partners in Lancashire. I've been climbing on and off for about three years always struggled to find climbing partners. I get my girlfriend to belay me usually on sport and trad climbs, but having to abseil down the route to clean the wall then get to the top again to clean the anchor is a pain and not always practical on some routes. so if anybody want needs a climbing partner anytime give me shout.

Leading trad at vs/hvs
sport at 6b
indoor at 6c/7a

Don't really care about the grade just want to get out more.
Rog Wilko on 06 Oct 2017
In reply to Bamber85:

Join a club.
Ursagold - on 06 Oct 2017
In reply to Bamber85:

I climb with a few people from Manchester Climbing Centre Social Club. We get out as often as we can, both trad and sport. Going to Windgather Sunday. We are all safe and sociable. A couple live north Manchester. My mobile is 07921 021436. Gary
D.botts87 - on 07 Oct 2017
In reply to Bamber85:

Have a look on Facebook at Lancashire Rock Revival, always people looking for partners and lots of people getting out. May be useful.

I'm also Lancashire based so drop me an email. Will be up for doing some sport this winter and Trad if it ever dries

Robb Bert - on 07 Oct 2017
In reply to Bamber85:

Go to BoulderUK / West View regularly and find some new mates.
And/or.. join a club. There's 3 your area.

SebCa - on 09 Oct 2017
In reply to Bamber85: there is a lot to be said about joining a club, you will meet many experienced people and possibly climbing partners for life.

On the other hand, I have climbed with some absolute brilliant people on here, Ive been pushed further and learnt a lot more. On here the meets tend to be a little more last minute and thats how my life tends to be. UKC is responsible for meeting my SPA trainer and assessor who probably taught me more about climbing than anyone ever has, yet I am still learning.

Be aware of the person you are climbing with, do your research and you will be fine. A climbing club isn't the only answer, but i am sure you are aware of that.

I am not that far from you, my shift cycle is as I say pretty last minute but if you fancy a climb drop me a message.

Enjoy and climb safe.
Bamber85 - on 09 Oct 2017

I'm going to try and get a few days off work next week. I really want to go down to millestone and do some climbing down there. So if anyone reading this wants to climb msg me try and get a dry day.

Thanks for the comment sebca joining a club is not out of the question I was just seeing if I could get a some climbing partners of here.
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midweekjolly2 - on 16 Oct 2017
In reply to Bamber85:

here does work for partners, I have climbed with over the years but then again so does joining a club or fb, just put a few dates on here or reply to a few on here
Jon Stewart - on 16 Oct 2017
In reply to Bamber85:

Posting on here is a great way to find partners. The best way IME is to post for specific days saying what crag/grade you want to climb. I've met loads of regular climbing partners this way. Some will be one climb stands, where you're compatible they will develop into LTRs.

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