/ Night Heat Wall

Rock to Fakey - on 11 Oct 2017

What's the situation these days with this part of Cheddar South? It's not on ukc, and not in the newest Crockers guide, there's bolt lines, and E3/4/5 grades in the old CC guide.
The 2nd tier looks quality, is it allowed now, as winter season routes?
This is part of Reservoir Walls, above bus turning circle.... Pg 167 new Crocker guide, appendix 2, prohibited areas, says prohibited when Gorge Tour bus running, + winter access is allowed.
Are the bolt routes old traddy previously part bolted but now fully / retro bolted?
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guy xavier percival - on 11 Oct 2017
In reply to Rock to Fakey:

The wall was not part of the restoration project. All the fixed gear will be original fixed gear. There is a 7c with staples which will be ok.
I guess it was left because of its proximity to the turning circle.
Rock to Fakey - on 11 Oct 2017
In reply to guy xavier percival:

Ok cheers, maybe not this year then!