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keith-ratcliffe on 20:18 Fri
I dive in the car and set off driving and the radio is playing a tune I love. I didn't choose it but I know and love it. That is the joy of radio - it provides the playlist that takes me into areas - sometimes old friends revisited but also new discoveries that open avenues uncharted. Then there is the joy of the internet - I can find that track in my 'Longest river in South America' account and hear again the tracks I bought. I can even put the CD in the car for my next journey. Isn't the modern world a marvellous place.
PS Joan of Arc by OMD was the track.
aln - on 20:52 Fri
In reply to keith-ratcliffe:

I love radio! I have Radio 2 on all day till 7, then I switch to radio 1.
aln - on 22:27 Sat
In reply to keith-ratcliffe:

When I'm at home it's 6music all the way.
Graeme Alderson on 14:57 Sun
In reply to keith-ratcliffe:

3 letters sum up how brilliant radio can be:

Shani - on 17:52 Sun
In reply to keith-ratcliffe:

I'm a 4-Bore. But for interviews, news, science, factual, current affairs, politics, and, comedy, Radio4 is peerless
john arran - on 18:09 Sun
In reply to keith-ratcliffe:

A shame that video killed the radio star though.
keith-ratcliffe on 18:28 Sun
In reply to john arran:
That is a load of Buggles!
FactorXXX - on 18:35 Sun
In reply to keith-ratcliffe:

That is a load of Buggles!

Stop being such a drama queen about it!
keith-ratcliffe on 20:27 Sun
In reply to keith-ratcliffe:
Some good responses here which have made me think about my preferences. Radio 2 is the home station but not all day - I switch to 6music for the afternoon - RadMac is still the best two blokes music programme on radio.
But then driving in the car on Sundays R2 is no good until JW at 3pm so it has to be Classic FM - damn those adverts until he starts.
Saturdays are silent until 12pm when the gloriously irreverant Off the ball takes the air on Radio Scotland - the best two blokes non-music programme ever. I was totally dis-interested in football until I heard this programme - now I am hooked.
Wanderer100 - on 20:29 Sun
Blue Straggler - on 09:09 Mon
In reply to keith-ratcliffe:

Just want to give a shout out to Radio 3. They did a fantastic themed weekend about the link between memory and music, just this weekend just gone. Also, where else do you get music based on overlaying microtones over Schubert, interspersed with new poetry about piezoelectric computing hardware done in the style of Emily Dickinson? Not on Radio 4, that's for sure!
Doug on 09:29 Mon
In reply to Blue Straggler:

But maybe on France Musique or France Culture? France Musique in particular is much better for jazz than any of the BBC stations, while France Inter is much better for science than its equivalent Radio 4.
Blue Straggler - on 10:54 Mon
In reply to Doug:

I am not clever enough to understand the French language beyond relatively simple slow conversations with people who know I am far from fluent. And I don't like jazz Thanks though (and I am sure there are places to hear stuff along the lines of what I described there, I was just having a light dig at Radio 4 tbh!)
Doug on 11:10 Mon
In reply to Blue Straggler:

I don't know if its because I now have more choice or if Radio 4 itself has changed (the comedy doesn't seem as funny) but I find I listen to it much less than in the past. Or of course maybe my tastes have changed

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