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John Burns - on 27 Oct 2017
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The Last Hillwalker is available as an e-book for the reduced price of £1.99, offer ends 10th November.
To buy the book please visit http://amzn.eu/jjLdwZY

I’ve been amazed at the responses to my book, it has struck chord with many hill folk across the UK. The book is currently shortlisted for TGO Magazine’s Book of the year.

Here’s what Chris Townsend said about The Last Hillwalker in his review…

Captures the essence of what it means to love mountains and to love being in mountains.

This is what readers say…

Trev C: "gripping like no other"

NS Eyre: "captures the essence of the appeal many of us feel for the mountains"

A Reader: "perfectly paced and with great humour"

Yorrell: "Entertaining, funny and well written."

S McGinn: "Full of fascinating details, observations, characters and humour"

If you’ve read the book I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts. Do get in touch.
John Burns - on 29 Oct 2017
In reply to John Burns:

My book is now available free to download for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.
John Burns - on 02 Nov 2017
In reply to John Burns:

People have been asking how they can obtain a signed copy of my book. I'm really happy to send out signed copies if you contact me direct through this site or via https://www.johndburns.com/ I'll arrange to put a signed copy in the post.
Dauphin on 05 Nov 2017
In reply to John Burns:

Which do you make more money on?

John Burns - on 07 Nov 2017
In reply to Dauphin:

I make most money on direct sales by post, although it may be sometime before I can order the private jet. e-books are next then paperbacks.
John Burns - on 07 Nov 2017
In reply to John Burns:

Download The Last Hillwalker free! From tomorrow until the 12th of Nov you can download my best selling book for free. Click here for the book http://amzn.eu/jjLdwZY
If you get the book please return the favour and vote for the book in the TGO magazine book awards, http://www.tgomagazine.co.uk/awards/reader-awards/
subtle on 08 Nov 2017
In reply to John Burns:

I would like to enjoy your book, however being a traditionalist I prefer to read books as actual books, not on electronic devices.

The fact you are "giving away for free" the book electronically will not entice me to pay £10 for a copy of the book.

This is not directed at you solely, more a general gripe about the market place we live in, I wish you well with "sales" of your book, both traditionally and electronically.
John Burns - on 11 Nov 2017
In reply to John Burns:

Last day to download The Last Hillwalker free. Offer ends tonight http://amzn.eu/jjLdwZY
Big Ger - on 15 Nov 2017
In reply to John Burns:

I downloaded it, many thanks. Happy to give feedback when I've read it, but it's at number five in my kindle queue at the mo.

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