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Cjreid - on 06 Nov 2017
after watching valley uprising it got me thinking is there a story of the climbing in noth wales can anyone recomend some climbing films

cheers cj
defaid - on 06 Nov 2017
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Try Welsh Connections if you haven't already watched it. It's not an historical thing but it has probably the most empathetic direction (and it has my favourite soundtrack). Less than a tenner from the famous online retailer's Marketplace:


jezb1 - on 06 Nov 2017
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Welsh Connections is flippin' ace!
Cjreid - on 08 Nov 2017
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cheers i have a copy now so going to watch it the weekend

thanks all
rockcat - on 10 Nov 2017
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Another vote for Welsh Connections but also check out Chris Doyle's "Fresh Meat" for an insiders view of the North Wales limestone new routing scene over a 4 year period. https://www.vimeo.com/77431619
Russell Lovett - on 10 Nov 2017
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Total Control. A golden oldie. Someone will be along shortly to tell you were to find it on the net (or google it). There are some climbs on this even weekend warriors will be able to do.
petegunn on 11 Nov 2017
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For the lakes there's the classic film by Alan Hankinson, quality old film : )


And the Bonners film Lakeland rock, with Pete Whillance and Dave Armstrong, two superb climbers back in the day, many of their routes are very hard even by today's standards.
Pete put up many E5s and E6s all over the country, hard and bold typifies his climbs.
Keep an eye out for his belt harness and cig pack under his t-shirt, legend : )

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