/ Stolen in Glasgow

gilmour_789 - on 08 Nov 2017
Some junkie scum let themselves into my house last night.

stole a rucksack with my kit in it, if anyone comes across any of the following please let me know

Blue Ice warthog 40l rucksack. (blue & green)
Anazazi Moccasym shoes
Beal harness (Red/Black, corduroy)
belay plate on blue selawa caribiner
Green and black rope, unbranded, 35m
Staninless steel water bottle
orange fleece

Cheers people
Jim 1003 - on 09 Nov 2017
In reply to gilmour_789:

Check eBay gumtreee
BrendanO - on 12 Nov 2017
In reply to gilmour_789:

Sorry mate.
Worth a walk round locally, back alleys, park corners etc, as much of it may be dumped if perceived as no-vslue (ie not Apple stuff that can be sold easily!). Cops too, obvs.

Good luck, that does hurt.