/ Do you have an old rucksack or sleeping bag you could donate?

Beth_b_89 on 12 Nov 2017 - cpc91602-hart11-2-0-cust3.11-3.cable.virginm.net
Hi everyone

Do you have any old rucksacks or sleeping bags you could donate to a good cause?

The Bag 4 Life project aims to help the homeless and their dogs at Christmas time by giving out rucksacks filled with essentials. These essentials include things like food, warm clothes, blankets and a sleeping bag and will hopefully help keep homeless people and their dogs warm and dry during what must be a very lonely time of year for them.

People have already been incredibly generous and have donated lots of food, clothes, blankets, and toiletries. However, I have already ran out of sleeping bags and rucksacks to put all of these things in!

I live in Coventry and am happy to collect any bags/sleeping bags from anywhere local

Thank you!
maria keane on 22:50 Thu - 027f348d.bb.sky.com
In reply to Beth_b_89:
Hi I have 3 sleeping bags to donate but live in Lancashire, is there a postal address I can send them to?
Seems such a waste to throw them away when others could benefit.
In reply to maria keane:
For the last 2 winters we've had a similar collection but for local homeless charities...

If you look local to you there is http://www.ldhas.org.uk/The-Team just from a quick google search...

I can guarantee if there is anything closer to you they would be more than thankful for old rucksacs, sleeping bags, fleeces and even toiletries, just ping off a quick email. They may even have a local volunteer who could collect them
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