/ wedding ring found

Peter E G L Hain on 13 Nov 2017 - fpc106901-shef15-2-0-cust35.17-1.static.cable.virginm.net
Wedding ring found at Baslow edge car park
FlatulentToad on 14 Nov 2017
In reply to Peter E G L Hain:

Hi Peter,

What a star. I think that you might have saved a friend's marriage, or at the very least put an end to a severe ear bashing!

I am not sure that he's got a UKC account (yet), but I am sure that he will be in contact very shortly.
DL - on 14 Nov 2017
In reply to Peter E G L Hain:

Hi Peter,

I think the wedding ring you found may well be mine as I wasn't certain where I left/lost it but thought it may have been when I went to Baslow Edge bouldering last week.

I'd describe it as flat edged and it should have D & A 98 engraved on the inside face (if it hasn't worn out).

If it is mine you have saved me a lot of grief so many, many thanks!

My number is 07484 733211 and email lovettlovett@yahoo.co.uk and I live in Chesterfield. Please could you let me know if you think it is mine and I will arrange collection from you whenever it is convenient to you.

Thanks for posting your message and saving the day (hopefully!)