/ Cost and tips for first time international climber in Spain

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L dylanwall2388 - on 14 Nov 2017
So I have been climbing for about a year now and am super pumped about climbing so I will be going to Spain for two weeks with a friend in the beginning of January. I climb 7a+ so any suggestions on crags there would be amazing or favorites climbs. We plan to climb at El Chorro, Costa Blanca and the Barcelona areas each for about four or five days.
I am also wondering about cost. How much do meals cost, hostels and such cost. What would be a cheap cost per day budget? After renting a car and gas I am hoping to spend around 1300 euros, is that realistic?
Thank you so much and if anyone is in the area lets climb!!!
snoop6060 - on 14 Nov 2017
In reply to dylanwall2388:
1300 euros would get you a whole winter in spain if you wanted. So yeah, you'll be fine unless you have a penchant for fancy gin bars and coke.

Though the best climbing is in the north, so defo aim to spend some time in catalunya. Chorro is chilled and cheap, the olive branch is a good place to stay.

Edit: to give you an example of costs. Think you stay at the olive branch with breakfast and dinner for about ~25euros a day. And beer is 2euros I think.
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buxtoncoffeelover - on 14 Nov 2017
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€1300 goes a very long way in Spain if you like the simple life - 2 weeks car hire should be under €200, €50/week for fuel will give you 1500km travel, €10 -15/day will get you accommodation (Olive Branch, Orange House & others), €10/day to self cater inc beer/wine. That's about €700 for 2 weeks with no corners cut. Have a great time
mark catcher - on 14 Nov 2017
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Highly recommend the Refugio at Abella de la Conca - cheap, chilled, great location surrounded by lots at that grade within 30 minutes. Suiriana (spelling!) too. There are much nicer places than El Chorro imho.
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dereke12000 - on 09:09 Fri
In reply to dylanwall2388:

Wow, I'd rather spend a month in India for €1300, unless you really like to live in luxury

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