/ Wanted: avalanche tranceiver

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spudlet70 - on 30 Nov 2017 - user since 26/Feb/11
Just wondering if anyonyone on here has an avalanche tranceiver they would like to sell. If not ill be buying one anyway. Just wanted to save a bit of cash so i could stay in the alps a little bit longer.

Cheers everyone.

Mac0 - on 30 Nov 2017
In reply to spudlet70:

Have a brand new boxed ortovox f1 if you are interested?
Mail me for pictures and details.
Tony the Blade on 01 Dec 2017
In reply to spudlet70:
I think Lupine Adventure (based in the Peak District or Leeds) were offering to lend some this winter. I'll see if I can find the link.

Edit: Here's what they posted on Facebook, with a picture of the unit.
'If anyone would like to borrow one of our Spot Satellite trackers for a bit of extra security on their winter trips this year then get in touch. Not only do they track you they have buttons that can summon help via satellite communications (no mobile signal necessary) should you run into trouble. We won't post them so you'll have to be local to Leeds or be able to swing by on your way to the mountains.'
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OwenM - on 01 Dec 2017
In reply to Tony the Blade:

Satellite trackers and Avalanche Transceivers are not the same thing. Trackers use a satellite signal to give your lat. & Long. position on a website.
Transceivers are for finding your companion if their unlucky enough to get buried by an Avalanche.

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