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Pyreneenemec - on 06 Dec 2017
The whole of France is mourning it's 'Johnny national'. The rock and roll singer who has had an amazing career spanning over 50 years passed-away this morning.

My personal favourite and apparently appreciated by even those who were not Johnny fans; 'Quelquechose de Tennessee'.

Doug on 06 Dec 2017
In reply to Pyreneenemec:

judging by my office (Paris) the 'whole of France' is a little exaggerated, - no one brought up the subject over coffee earlier this morning and when I mentioned the news to a colleague (late 50s) she just said 'bof' (with a gallic shrug of shoulders). But seems to have dominated today's Le Monde (on line version). Is he still popular with the young ?
Pyreneenemec - on 06 Dec 2017
In reply to Doug:

I'll stick with my statement !

Yes, I'd say he is still quite popular with the young. A few of the kids were singing along with the radio this morning on the bus ( I drive it !).

I'm listenning to something more seasonal, Emma Kirkby and the Choir of Westminster Abbey. Adeste fideles !
Andy Long - on 06 Dec 2017
In reply to Pyreneenemec:

So, Johnny Hallyday, aka "Le vieux loup du Rock", aka "jaunit a l'idée" has gone. Pity he never made it in this country. Maybe his superficial resemblance to Steve Winwood had something to do with it.

Always loved Michael Marra's song about him.

Salu-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ut, Johnny Hallyday.
Je vous Salut!
Sam Mayfield - on 06 Dec 2017
In reply to Pyreneenemec:

I had his double live album when I was 17 and lived in Avignon I loved him and thanks for the video, gosh its made me feel old!

Sam Orange
Bulls Crack - on 06 Dec 2017
In reply to Pyreneenemec:

I will mourn Plastic Bertrand's passing but he's Belgian isn't he?
jon on 14:09 Sat
In reply to Doug:

I think the million people lining the Champs Elysées and the funeral service attended by three French presidents might be an answer to your question or doubts! They said it wasn't officially a state funeral, but...
Doug on 15:35 Sat
In reply to jon:

Not heard that it was a million (Le Monde has tens of thousands) but clearly very impressive & I guess the biggest gathering in Paris since the march after the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

I was at a get together of some 30 odd members of one the subgroups of the local branch of CAF last night & Johnny's funeral was one of the main topics of conservation although I've never heard any of them mention him before (most of them were former climbing partners) - maybe more typical of France than my multi national office.
jon on 15:50 Sat
In reply to Doug:

A million according to TF1 a couple of times. Certainly more than Trump's inauguration, in any case
Doug on 16:01 Sat
In reply to jon:

more people than Trump? Fake news
mbh - on 17:55 Sat
In reply to Doug:

"Today’s dose of French culture:

Big tribute today in Paris : from midday procession along Champs Elysées, 500-700 bikers, several metro stations closed, live music in Place se la Madeleine, address by Macron, funeral Monday."

Sounds like he was kind of a big deal. Which reminds me of the celebrations that greeted Del Potro in his hometown of Tandil in Argentina after he won the US Open. Clearly a huge swell of affection, in both cases.
Hardonicus - on 01:05 Sun
In reply to Pyreneenemec:

5 fine wives!
jon on 09:34 Sun
In reply to Hardonicus:

> 5 fine wives!

Four. He married one of them twice!
felt - on 10:22 Sun
In reply to Pyreneenemec:

Can't imagine any British singer getting this sort of turnout/funeral. Macca? Mick? Elton? Tom? These things, as per Di, can surprise, although in Johnny's case, as their sole superstar, it was expected.

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