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Dave Douglas on 26 Feb 2004 - whois?
After 10 weeks of working in the depths of the church, The Crypt will be open for use on Saturday 28th February.

'The Crypt' is a dedicated bouldering area with over 250m of climbing surface.

Further details can be obtained from www.awesomewalls.co.uk

I hope you enjoy it!

Dave Douglas
Hidden User 56 on 26 Feb 2004
In reply to Dave Douglas: Great news. All I need to do is to get strong enough to use it.

Andy F
Dave D on 26 Feb 2004 - whois?
In reply to andy farnell:

Don't worry Andy, we've set loads of easier ones for you!

Dave D.
Hidden User 56 on 26 Feb 2004
In reply to Dave D: They'd better be easy... nothing less than V7 to warm up on.....

oops, thought I was Jamie for a second then ;)

Andy F
ceri - on 27 Feb 2004
In reply to Dave Douglas: oooh bother. it looks so interesting, but i cant lift my arm above my head, let alone go climbig. Anything easy for a one armed boulderer?!
Dave D on 27 Feb 2004 - whois?
In reply to ceri:

The easier routes on the muti-angled 36m traverse wall will proberly go 'one handed'! I'll try them later!

Dave D.
A Rocker on 27 Feb 2004 - modem-743.llama.dialup.pol.co.uk [webcacheB09a.cache.pol.co.uk]
In reply to Dave Douglas:Will you be putting some proper routes on the spare space?
Dave D on 28 Feb 2004 - whois?
In reply to A Rocker:
> (In reply to Dave Douglas)Will you be putting some proper routes on the spare space?

And which bit of spare space would that be?
More leading walls may be going up over the summer!

Dave D

Kev Wynne on 28 Feb 2004 - modem-1558.guenon.dialup.pol.co.uk [webcacheB17a.cache.pol.co.uk]
In reply to Dave D:
Some people are never happy!

The constant moaning about the quality of climbing walls on this forum is a damning indictment of the mentallity of modern climbers - never bloody satisfied.

I remember when the best wall in liverpool was in the YMCA - little small thing, sharp holds and the mats were crap, but it was state of the art! Or the uni wall, inset brickwork wall - great! people trained there and climbed 8a! People are spoilt now, walls are great compared to the way that they used to be.
yer maw on 28 Feb 2004
In reply to Kev Wynne: do they still have the wall at the vernon sangster centre? it was a great wee bouldering wall.
Carl Price on 28 Feb 2004 - modem-79.ruthenium.dialup.pol.co.uk [webcacheM06b.cache.pol.co.uk]
In reply to Dave Douglas:

Perfect timing! Just finished a load of work and have some time (at last!) to get over there and try it out...

Got a lot of catching up to do (I think that even 'stairs direct' would present a challenge at the moment...)


ranger*goy on 29 Feb 2004
In reply to Dave Douglas: Yippee, will get myself over there soon
Phenom anon on 29 Feb 2004 - cache-loh-aa07.proxy.aol.com
In reply to Dave Douglas:

Had a go in the Crypt today. Brilliant use of space and excellent problems across the grades. Congrats.
Any chance of Jamie resetting the other bouldering walls?
Swirly - on 01 Mar 2004
In reply to Dave Douglas: went down on saturday, didn't realise it was the first day it was open. All I can say is it's excellent, now I just need to get strong again.
Dave D. on 01 Mar 2004 - whois?
In reply to Phenom anon:

The other bouldering areas will all be re-set soon. I hope to have on-line topos for all the bouldering and lead areas in the near future on our website www.awesomewalls.co.uk

Dave D
Hidden User 56 on 03 Mar 2004
In reply to Dave Douglas: Having been last night I've got to say I'm very chuffed that this is my local wall.

Top job Dave, my congratulations to all involved. It was packed last night, and a great atmosphere. The problems are excellent, just need more of them

Andy F
Carl Price on 03 Mar 2004 - modem-1598.guenon.dialup.pol.co.uk [webcacheB13a.cache.pol.co.uk]
In reply to andy farnell:

Couldn't have put it better myself - was in there this afternoon and it rocks (unfortunately 'I' didn't so looks like I'll be spending a lot more time down there!)

Babydoc on 05 Mar 2004 - pc239036.pctc.liv.ac.uk
In reply to Dave Douglas: Finally made it down there yesterday. OW! Can hardly type, forearms like popeye and I still only managed about two of the problems. Absolutely fantastic. I'm off to the gym to get strong.
olddays on 25 Mar 2004 - whois?
In reply to Kev Wynne:
I quite agree. I can't remember when the best walls in liverpool were the the YMCA Or the uni wall but I did used to use then and the netherton activity center wall as they were deserted. Then North West Face, the climbing house etc opened and they got even quieter (great). However the best training was to get on the H5 bus and travel to pex or cycle to frodsham, plus a strict regime of door frame pull ups (no finger doards then!). They were the days "when climbing was dangerous and sex was safe".... sorry my pipes gone out must dash
Anonymous on 25 Mar 2004 - modem-3763.llama.dialup.pol.co.uk [webcacheB07a.cache.pol.co.uk]
In reply to olddays: Have you heard the latest? Changing rooms at Awesome!!! Definitely, they are being built, as I speak, in the crypt.
Dave D on 26 Mar 2004 - whois?
In reply to Anonymous:

Yes, the changing rooms are now open for use.
We should also have shower/s and indoor toilets very soon.
The Crypt will be getting totally re-set next week I hope.

Dave D
Dave D on 29 Mar 2004 - whois?
In reply to All:

The Crypt is now totally re-set with 40 new problems and over 120m of traversing to go at!

Dave D.
Stubbed Toe on 29 Mar 2004 - du-028-0023.claranet.co.uk
In reply to Dave D:

Changing rooms - brilliant. So fed up with trying to keep all clothes off the wet floor outside while trying to change quick enough to avoid frostbite
Dave Douglas on 30 Mar 2004 - 82-38-75-163.cable.ubr07.brad.blueyonder.co.uk
In reply to Dave D:

Spooky!! Another climber called Dave Douglas. I will have to call myself Scottish Dave Douglas from now on.

Dave Douglas (from Yorkshire at present).
ceri - on 01 Apr 2004
In reply to Stubbed Toe: or you could just get changed in the climbing wall.
Ian Plumpton on 07 Apr 2004 - user-2962.l1.c3.dsl.pol.co.uk
In reply to Dave Douglas:

I've just started climbing again after like a year and a half break. I'm finding the crypt is great for getting myself strong and back into things again. Tried a couple of the new problems but not totally done any yet. Great job with the crypt anyway.

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