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oz on 22 Apr 2004 - 213-48-244-32.liv.cvx.blueyonder.co.uk
Does anyone know the official line on funding for national team members. I spoke to a mate of mine the other day who is a member of the British Bouldering squad and he told me that he has to pay for almost everything except competition entry fees! This means that flights, accomodation, transport etc. all have to be paid for by the athletes involved. Having looked at the results from Birmingham ( in which we did very well!) our athletes are performing at the top level. If they were competing in an Olympic event, people would be jumping at the chance to throw money at them. What is wrong with the BMC? I am aware that they are having financial trouble at the moment but what better way to improve peoples perception of a governing body than to look after their international representatives, and improve their profile. It's just not good enough. But then again, it fits in nicely with most of our other competitive sportsmen and women.
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My experience comes from a while back and may be out of date, but...

Money is limited, and rightly spending is slightly skewed towards investing in the potential of the youngsters. In order to save money full funding was provided to those competitors who are likely to do very well (the criteria for this used to be finals qualification). Others who wanted to compete but didn't currently meet this level could do so, but had to find their own funding. A very sensible policy, imo.

Arguing for more funding is none too easy. The BMC presides over a broad church, and many members don't want extra spending on comps.

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