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NEWS: Parallel World D16 by Darek Sokołowski UKC NewsUKC News473,72216-Jan-19
ARTICLE: Requiem Revisited - Ken Crocket on Dave 'Cubby' Cuthbertson UKC ArticlesUKC Articles21,24915-Jan-19
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FRI NIGHT VID: Wide Boyz - All Tooled Up UKC NewsUKC News274,14915-Jan-19
VIDEO: The Wild in Me: Dave Cuthbertson, Mountain Climber and Photographer UKC VideosUKC Videos178214-Jan-19
NEWS: Adam Ondra onsights Just do it, 8c+ UKC NewsUKC News82,81313-Jan-19
NEWS: UKC Christmas Quiz 2018 - The Answers UKC NewsUKC News173812-Jan-19
ARTICLE: Nea Morin - Hard Days for a Lady UKC ArticlesUKC Articles192,41011-Jan-19
JOBS: New Jobs this week UKC GearUKC Gear-47511-Jan-19
FRI NIGHT VID: Ascending Afghanistan: Rising Women UKC NewsUKC News131,85910-Jan-19
NEWS: Orrin Coley repeats Voyager Low Start 8B+ UKC NewsUKC News71,96710-Jan-19
VIDEO: 10 Years On - The Rab Microlight UKC VideosUKC Videos-84008-Jan-19
FRI NIGHT VID: Pen y Holt - Range West, Pembroke UKC NewsUKC News71,68608-Jan-19
ARTICLE: Sunset and Sunrise at Stanage UKC ArticlesUKC Articles263,25107-Jan-19
SKILLS: Toe-Hooking and Clamping UKC ArticlesUKC Articles-1,59107-Jan-19
COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a Montane Icarus/Phoenix Flight Jacket UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles-1,09807-Jan-19
ARTICLE: 2018 - The Climbing Year that was... UKC ArticlesUKC Articles72,02907-Jan-19
FRI NIGHT VID: A World Less Travelled - Brazil UKC NewsUKC News181906-Jan-19
NEWS: Jakob Schubert climbs Neanderthal (9b) UKC NewsUKC News31,93804-Jan-19
JOBS: New Jobs this week UKC GearUKC Gear-47404-Jan-19
New Forum Spam Checker Alan James -...Alan James - UKC and UKH287803-Jan-19
INTERVIEW: Matilda Söderlund Returns to Form UKC NewsUKC News41,58101-Jan-19
INTERVIEW: Perfect Partners #14: Simon Richardson and Roger Webb UKC ArticlesUKC Articles62,17731-Dec-18
COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a Montane Featherlite Jacket with Summit Financial Services UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles-81231-Dec-18
ARTICLE: A Sideways Glance at the Face of Death UKC ArticlesUKC Articles17815,01530-Dec-18
Top 40 Posters UKC ForumsUKC Forums527,85930-Dec-18
Angel of the North Hat - whodunnit? Natalie Berry -...Natalie Berry - UKC51,87229-Dec-18
ARTICLE: Winter as it Was - The Helm Wind UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles31,44926-Dec-18
QUIZ: UKC Christmas Climbing Quiz 2018 UKC ArticlesUKC Articles132,21026-Dec-18
ARTICLE: Chasing the Very Bloody Ephemeral: Scottish Winter Climbing UKC ArticlesUKC Articles283,57924-Dec-18
FRI NIGHT VID: The Ant & The Whale UKC NewsUKC News202,50023-Dec-18
NEWS: Rollito Sharma Extension 8c by Molly Thompson-Smith UKC NewsUKC News31,62222-Dec-18
NEWS: selected for Tokyo 2020 Media Accreditation UKC NewsUKC News202,20021-Dec-18
JOBS: New Jobs this week UKC GearUKC Gear-47221-Dec-18
NEWS: HIE Takes Over Cairngorm Mountain UKC/UKH NewsUKC/UKH News82,86720-Dec-18
PRESS RELEASE: 2019 Crux Expedition Award Open for Submissions UKC GearUKC Gear-1,62420-Dec-18
COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a Pair of Asolo Magnum GV Mids UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles-1,04920-Dec-18
TIPS: Ten Top Tips for Buying Winter Boots UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles-1,65718-Dec-18
VIDEO: 200 Years Old: Grivel UKC VideosUKC Videos-87417-Dec-18
PODCAST: Factor Two - S2 Episode 2: Me and My Shadow UKC ArticlesUKC Articles31,07417-Dec-18
COMPETITION: WIN a day on a winter skills course with George Fisher UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles-85017-Dec-18
NEWS: Stefano Ghisolfi repeats Perfecto Mundo 9b+ UKC NewsUKC News263,82716-Dec-18
COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a pair of Climbing Technology North Couloir Axes UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles-87815-Dec-18
INTERVIEW: 360° Video - Bringing the Outdoors, Indoors UKC ArticlesUKC Articles170414-Dec-18
JOBS: New Jobs this week UKC GearUKC Gear-48214-Dec-18
VIDEO: Jöttnar | Hard Way Up, Fast Way Down UKC VideosUKC Videos21,08013-Dec-18
COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a Berghaus Alpine 45 or 30 Pack UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles-1,05313-Dec-18
VIDEO: Pertex Expedition Series Part 4: How to get to Basecamp UKC ArticlesUKC Articles-1,03812-Dec-18
NEWS: Sport Climbing backed by Aspiration Fund for Tokyo 2020 UKC NewsUKC News101,68811-Dec-18
ARTICLE: Brenva Face: Recording the Effects of Global Warming on Routes UKC ArticlesUKC Articles102,00010-Dec-18
NEWS: The Forge X/10 by Boswell and Robertson UKC NewsUKC News103,00810-Dec-18
ARTICLE: John Tyndall - Our Changing Relationships with Mountains UKC ArticlesUKC Articles-69610-Dec-18
COMPETITION: WINNER - Win a pair of the brand new Boreal Ninja! UKC ArticlesUKC Articles-1,18810-Dec-18
COMPETITION: WINNER - #MakeWinterCount Win a Lowe Alpine Ascent Superlight 30 UKC ArticlesUKC Articles21,10309-Dec-18
SKILLS: Lattice Training Series with Tom Randall - Part 7: Training Lessons from the Over 50's UKC ArticlesUKC Articles92,09207-Dec-18
JOBS: New Jobs this week UKC GearUKC Gear-50107-Dec-18
INTERVIEW: Johnny Dawes on Climbing Back to 8b+ UKC NewsUKC News527,65106-Dec-18
INTERVIEW: Ascending Afghanistan: Hanifa Yousoufi summits Noshaq UKC ArticlesUKC Articles-63106-Dec-18
COMPETITION: WINNERS - Win 1 of 2 Rab Microlight Summit Jackets UKC/UKH ArticlesUKC/UKH Articles-90906-Dec-18
COMPETITION: WINNERS - Win 1 of 3 copies of Mastermind book with Margo Hayes pencil! UKC ArticlesUKC Articles91,75506-Dec-18