THE TICKLIST: #35 Big Walls, Big Mountains and Steep Scottish Trad

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 UKC News 27 Jun 2021

Some big ascents on big walls and big mountains, plus some steep Scottish trad...

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 chrishedgehog 28 Jun 2021
In reply to UKC News:

When Dave MacLeod says the trees are limited to the steep crags, I wondered what problem he is highlighting? Is it a general lack of tree growth elsewhere? Just wondered.

 George Frisby 28 Jun 2021
In reply to chrishedgehog:

Yep, i believe he's highlighting the fact that the entire upland landscape which would naturally be forested is maintaned as a 'wild' deforested landscape.

 scoth 28 Jun 2021
In reply to chrishedgehog:

I think he's referring to grazing pressures, most probably from deer populations that are managed for sporting interests. In places where grazing pressure is high, it's often the case the steepest ground has the trees (harder to access for deer, so trees can grow), thus gives an indication of what the vegatation would look like with less grazing pressure in the landscape.


In reply to scoth:

The grazing problems in Glen Nevis are that there are no grazing animals; sheep have been taken off the land, deer are pretty scarce so the Glen has been and is still becoming a jungle. Grazing animals are needed to help wild flowers break through where otherwise bracken and shrubby trees run amok. Sadly, economics drive this as farmers make no money from livestock thanks to cheap imports, reducing quotas etc. Some landowners such as NTS like “rewilding” which is bringing landscapes back to a state similar to prehistoric times. Glen Nevis is not owned by NTS thankfully, so dialogue and compromise between user groups and owners is more likely. Dave is a great ambassador and activist for the good of our climbing community!


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