/ NEWS: Access Changes for El Chorro's Gorge

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UKC News - on 29 May 2014
Save El Chorro Graffiti (This has been there for years), 4 kbWith the refurbishment of the Camino Del Rey walkway in El Chorro underway, access to many routes in the gorge was threatened.

However, with the teaming up of local guides, businesses and climbers, an access solution has been agreed and the creation of two Via Ferratas will allow access to the majority of routes in the Gorge...

andrew hammond - on 29 May 2014
In reply to UKC News:

'Rey' not 'Ray.' Presumably it's named after a king and not just some guy called Ray!
petellis - on 29 May 2014

Does this mean that anybody will be allowed to walk down the walkway and will it still be a via ferrata? Or will it become a walkway again as it originally was?

Presumably not if routes off the walkway are considered a threat to safety?
John2 - on 29 May 2014
In reply to petellis:

Last time I saw an article about this the plan was to charge £5 or so for people to walk down the walkway.
mmmhumous on 29 May 2014
tom.ireson - on 29 May 2014
In reply to UKC News:

Current plans are to NOT charge for entry and allow regulated public access. As I said in the article, access is being negotiated for the routes off the walkway but this has to be done one at a time as each is a seperate issue for prospective danger to other visitors.

I am currently building a proposal for the via ferratas, more news on that when it gets further.

Basically, if we deal with all this in the right way it will mean more routes and more things to do in El Chorro, and also some level of continued support. The historical route through the walkway itself has already been changed forever but hopefully much good will come of it.....

Please do feel free to contact me if you want specific info, or ebven better if you want to get involved and help!
petellis - on 30 May 2014
In reply to tom.ireson:

Sounds like we have to wait and see what really happens to the walkway then. Given the stone fall threat it will surely have to be disclaimered up to the max; on the windy day I was there it was raining stones into one of the side gullies and you do see evidence of impact dammage.

The telegraph article suggests they are spending 3.1 million on it, after 6 years of recession are the Spanish still writing cheques they can't pay?

The area does desperately need some investment though (beyond what the electric companies are doing), El Chorro village is a sad looking spot. I suppose if they really want to get the numbers through to make the investment pay then it is obvious why climbing is not going to be allowed off the walkway.
johncook - on 30 May 2014
In reply to petellis:

The EU have given 3.1 million euros for the Camineto del Rey refurbishment. Malaga are spending 2.1 million of that on the project!
AlanLittle - on 02 Jun 2014
In reply to UKC News:

> President Primo de Riviera on the Camino Del Ray in 1924

Interesting. When I was there in the early 90s the prevailing belief/myth was that Franco had it built by prisoners of war in the late 30s.

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