/ NEWS: Ambassador, E8 First Ascent for James McHaffie

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UKC News - on 10 Oct 2013
James McHaffie edging his way up on the fifth ascent of The Indian Face, 4 kb

James 'Caff' McHaffie recently made the first ascent of a route on the Milestone Buttress in the Ogwen Valley, North Wales. He named the route The Ambassador, originally graded the route E8 6c but changed this to E8 7a after heading back with Pete Robins.

psychomansam - on 10 Oct 2013
Who needs enemies?
cb_6 - on 11 Oct 2013
In reply to psychomansam: no doubt someone will disagree with me here, but I would say there needs to be a little more justification for declaring a project untouchable besides "I found it first". If it is a project that a climber has put a considerable amount of work into then asking others to let him finish it is understandable. But if the climber hasn't touched the route for over a year it's hardly reasonable to claim ownership of a project. Understandable with sport perhaps due to the time, effort and expense if bolting a line, but far less so with trad in my opinion.
jas wood - on 11 Oct 2013
In reply to cb_6: Someone beating you to the line has and always should be part of the craic of climbing.I'd do it to every one of my mukkas and gloat aswell

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.