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NEWS: Autism at Height: Young Paraclimbers Attempt Matterhorn

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 UKC News 25 Aug 2016
Georgia Pilkington and Jamie Owen, 5 kbTwo young austistic paraclimbers have just returned home from an adventure on the Matterhorn (4478m) in Switzerland. As part of the Autism at Height project - the brainchild of climbing coach Mark McGowan - Georgia Pilkington (17) and Jamie 'Jay' Owen (27) attempted the Matterhorn in order to raise awareness for autism in adventure, as well as raising funds to help the initiative run more projects to share the benefits of climbing as therapy for autism.

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 petestack 25 Aug 2016
In reply to UKC News:

Sounds like an exciting trip for those involved, and I get the stuff about autism and Asperger's and deafness, but what makes this 'paraclimbing'?

Genuine question because (before anyone thinks I'm having a go!) I'm autistic but don't consider myself para-anything...
 Gone 25 Aug 2016
In reply to petestack:

Well as you know autism is a wide spectrum. I am not an expert. I would say something becomes para-whatever at a similar spot to where a condition becomes a disability, ie it has a significant effect on daily life or the activity in question.
In reply to petestack:
There is a category for autistic climbers in the British Paraclimbing competitions and both Jay and Georgia compete in these events, hence the use of the term in the article. There is no such category as yet in the international IFSC paraclimbing events, although I believe a petition is underway.
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 mark mcgowan01 27 Aug 2016

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