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New Climbing Centre for the West Midlands - Boulder Central #1, 3 kbA new dedicated bouldering centre is planned for the West Midlands. Read about it here, see a virtual tour and have a chance to win free Evolv boots, or a one year pass to Boulder Central.

7om - on 18 Feb 2012
Looks good. can't find any website though, does it have one?
Boulder Central - on 19 Feb 2012
In reply to 7om:


Our website is currently being developed at the domain:

It should go live in a month or so.

If you want to follow our progress in the meantime the best way is either through Facebook -!/pages/Boulder-Central/219272724777505

or Twitter -!/BoulderCentral


Jonny - Boulder Central
smollett - on 19 Feb 2012
In reply to Boulder Central:
Looks awesome. What is the wall area?
Top out boulder looks like an interesting feature.
Will be following progress
ERU - on 19 Feb 2012
How high will it be?
Boulder Central - on 20 Feb 2012
Hi guys

To answer your questios:

Smollett, the centre will roughly have 700msq of climbing wall surface.

Hopefully the top out boulder will be a success. It's often a point overlooked by most climbing centres. We think it's an important feature which, if done well should add an extra element to indoor bouldering.

ERU, boulder problems will not go above 4.5m and the majority will be 4m and below.

There will be a top rope section for clubs and courses that will go as high as 9m.

You may have noticed however, that the virtual tour showed the bouldering walls higher than 4.5m. This is that case in some places for structural reasons. Climbs will not go this high.

Hope that answered your question!


Jonny - Boulder Central
Fuzzface93 - on 20 Feb 2012
In reply to Boulder Central: Do you guys know what times you will be opening on weekends and weekdays yet?
Boulder Central - on 21 Feb 2012
In reply to Fuzzface93:

Yeah we'll be open every day of the week. Preliminary times are:

Mon-Fri 12pm-10pm
Sat-10am - 8pm
Sun-1pm - 8pm

We'll have full details up when the website goes live.

Jonny - Boulder Central
Boulder Central - on 23 Feb 2012
In reply to UKC Gear:

The sign is now up so if you would like to compare the news post sign mockup photo with the real one click here:

Jonny - Boulder Central

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