NEWS: British Bouldering Champs - This Weekend

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 UKC News 02 Jul 2012
The BMC's British Bouldering Championship 2009 at Cliffhanger, 5 kbThe weekend of the 7th - 8th of July will see the 2012 British Bouldering Championships held at Graves Park in Sheffield at the Cliffhanger Festival.

The Cliffhanger Festival has all sorts of other climbing related activities to compliment the bouldering competition.


 maybe_si 02 Jul 2012
In reply to UKC News:

any idea what times the finals will be? I couldnt find anything on the website?


In reply to maybe_si:

Hi Si,
Apologies. I have just uploaded the timetable to the website here:

 maybe_si 02 Jul 2012
In reply to UKC News:

cheers buddy!
 David Peters 02 Jul 2012
In reply to MattH: Any plans to televise (internet) the bouldering comp this year ?
 adie84 02 Jul 2012
In reply to David Peters: Yes the BBC's will be fully webcast this year -


In reply to MattH: It might be worth clarifying exactly when the various Age Groups are climbing as the use of Juniors in different contexts could be confusing.

On Saturday the Seniors and the oldest of the Youth Age Groups (called Juniors in IFSC speak) are climbing.

On Sunday the other 3 Youth Age Groups (Youth A, Youth B and Youth C) are climbing
 Team BMC 02 Jul 2012
In reply to:

Full details of the BMC British Bouldering Championships (and how to enter them if you're feeling particularly strong today) and Cliffhanger (and how to get 10% off tickets) are here:
 Team BMC 03 Jul 2012
In reply to Team BMC: Both the senior and junior male categories are now full. There are still places in the female senior and junior events.
 steve taylor 03 Jul 2012
In reply to Graeme Alderson:

Will you be around on the weekend Graeme - there's he usual South Coast contingent arriving on Friday evening, plus a star guest...
 TCCB 03 Jul 2012
In reply to UKC News:
Does entry to the BBCs include entry to Cliffhanger or do we have to purchase tickets separately?
In reply to TCCB:

Entry to the BBC gets you entry to Cliffhanger during the day. If you want to go to the music, and / or camp, then that's extra.

In reply to steve taylor: Aye I will be around. Helping sort out the webcasting and probably doing some judging. Might have to have a jar or two with you and young Mick. Marvellous.

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