/ NEWS: Ceuse 8b for Hazel Findlay

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UKC News - on 23 Jul 2012
Hazel Findlay in Chamonix, France, 3 kbHazel Findlay has redpointed another 8b sport route with a recent ascent of Le Chirurgien de Crepuscule at Ceuse, France.

The route, known to be high in the grade, tackles a perfect wall of grey limestone just to the right of the classic 7c/+ La Femme Noire via technical and intricate climbing on small pockets.


biscuit - on 23 Jul 2012
In reply to UKC News:

She is getting a seriously impressive climbing CV.

I wonder what she could do if she projected a route properly ? 5 goes is very quick.

I wondered what she had been up to since Impact Day. Sounds like she has had to have a bit of recovery time. Well done.
Alex Parker - on 24 Jul 2012
I have such a crush on this girl. Great to see she has come back stronger.
progrupicola on 25 Jul 2012
In reply to UKC News; So good on her, she's really a talented one, excelling in many disciplines but i found her comment; ''I have done some other 8bs, but they were in Spain and Turkey, and grades aren't as soft in France.. '' bit inadequate cause being partially true, saying Spain or Turkey are soft graded is like saying in England always rain (an inaccuracy and disrespectful for the stiff graded areas in that countries).IMO

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.