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Michael Ryan - on 21 May 2008
The brief is to design four banner adverts for climbing products from La Sportiva, Beal and Petzl using images from their websites and you can incorporate some of your own images.

Full details of this competition here:

Charlie Rowat

I'm a nineteen year old student at Sheffield, climbing as often as I can which, given my few contact hours, is a lot! I'm quite interested in going into advertising as a profession when I've finished putting off real life at uni!

You can see Charlie Rowat's work here:

Constructive criticism and praise is welcomed.
john howard 1 - on 21 May 2008
In reply to Mick Ryan - Very professional, original too-i think the meteor one is the strongest.thumbs up!
Matt Rowat - on 22 May 2008
In reply to Mick Ryan -

Hmm... looking at these now on a different computer to my own and there is a lot less contrast between the writing and the background in the Reverso ad than there was on my monitor. Poor show!

I tried getting flash to draw a line up Cave Route Left to make it more distinct and anchor it to the tag line but couldn't get my head around it. Still, it probably would have made the file size too big to have any sort of jpeg quality.

Oh and cheers for the comment, I agree that the Meteor one is the strongest, took me ages to come up with a decent tag line for it. Originally had "You won't notice it 'til it saves your life." But that just felt clumsy as all.

This exceedingly long comment is just an effort at procrastinating. Got an essay to do!
BelleVedere on 22 May 2008
In reply to Mick Ryan -

I like the reverso one best (i'm a sucker for green) - although it seem me like it might be better for a rope rather than a belay device...
Chazz - on 24 May 2008
In reply to Matt Rowat: Just realised I wrote that comment while signed on my brother's account.

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