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VIDEO: Cheddar Gorge - Respect the Rock

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 UKC News 10:00 Wed
Cheddar Gorge

The next video in the BMC's Respect the Rock series takes us to Cheddar Gorge. The Gorge can get rammed by both tourists and climbers, and it's worth remembering the safety restrictions in place to protect visitors.

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In reply to UKC News:

Good points in the video. Well said Rhos.


There are lots of ticks at Cheddar. I average more than one per visit. So if you know ticks like you consider wearing long trousers and repellant. Check your body for ticks when you get home, remove them as soon as possible and be on the look out for symptoms of lyme disease- you really don't want it. 

Much of the climbing is polished (even the 7cs!), but generally the further you get above the road the less polished the rock (and of course the more spectacular the views and the less the noise).

Don't forget the cream teas. For some people these are the best thing about climbing at Cheddar. You can even get takeaways to take to the crag.

 Fakey Rocks 18:30 Wed
In reply to UKC News:

The required Civil Liability insurance, which comes with Bmc membership, is only mandatory for climbing on the south side = right hand side of road when driving up the gorge, but will also cover you for climbing on the North side (but is not essential there).

It's probably just me, as I don't seem to pick ticks up very often, and have been to several supposedly tick infested crags; i climb at Cheddar quite often and don't get a problem with ticks.

The South side is always closed for July and August, and some other holidays eg Bank Hols, spring break, due to the number of visiting tourists, as most parking and walking is on that side of the road. There are some variations to this, Horseshoe bend, Yew tree wall, and Ginsberg wall have had access after 6pm only since last year, handy if you are local, but climbers need to be careful to not climb before 6pm on those 3 sectors to keep the allowance. The bmc access map shows this and some other exceptions where you can climb further up the road. 

The info is all in Martin Crockers Cheddar guide, and on the ukc Cheddar page, with the access and approach notes, which should be understood before visiting to keep it open. The summer climbing allowances on the south side have only been going for 15 years, and the restrictions for the holiday periods need following so we don't lose it. 

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