DESTINATION GUIDE: Deep Water Soloing Guide to Mallorca

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 UKC Articles 30 Aug 2013
The "Deep Water" part of Deep Water Soloing.  7 frame sequence stitched together - great recovery from a missed dyno, 4 kbThe deep water soloing season is upon us so here is an in-depth destination guide to the world famous DWS paradise of Mallorca with news of a new publication from Rockfax.

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Under 'When to go' it's worth making the point that in July/August the sun is v high in the sky and therefore doesn't get into the back of some of the caves to dry them. Condensation can be a problem (as well as it being very hot!)
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Good point Tom, I've added that, cheers.
 buffalo606 30 Aug 2013
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2 wee questions for experienced Mallorca pros: is there really no camping? Anyone know? We are going in 2 weeks (for 10 days) and would love some advice on nice and also cheap places to stay. Tried airbnb apartments but it's not super cheap unless there's a few sharing.

Also are scooters cheap and easy to hire for getting around.
 matt perks 30 Aug 2013
In reply to UKC Articles: That looks like an inconvenient place to realise you forgot to tie a double knot!
 gazhbo 31 Aug 2013
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Not sure about scooters but there's plenty of camping. There's a big campsite at the Monnastery at Lluc, which admittedly isn't very close to the main deep water soloing venues but is close to a lot of good sport crags in the mountains. When I stayed there in 2008 it was free but I think its 5 euros a night now.

There is also Hipocampo, which is very close to Cala Barques in a place called Calas de Mallorca

The website says its great for climbers and deep water soloing.

To say there are no campsites on the island is absolute nonsense.

 buffalo606 31 Aug 2013
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Cheers, camping it is!
 nv 02 Sep 2013
In reply to matt perks: Did anyone else click on this link to see if there was a video of that chick's bra beginning to fall off...?
 stayfreejc 02 Sep 2013
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